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Army cabin on the way across the border via the river.

December 19th, 2008

We reached San Carlos just as the sun was coming up. My impressions of San Carlos aren´t the best. Its a dirty border town. We grabbed some grub and headed down to immigration to get our passports stamped and catch a boat over the border to Los Chiles, Costa Rica. The boat ride was cool. We saw and heard tonnes of howler monkeys. It rained a bit, but nothing major. At the border we were stopped by military, they checked the papers and asked us all to put on our life jackets. Their cabin looked pretty cool all done up in camo.

In Los Chiles, we got off the boat went through customs. They didn´t even look at my bags, but the boys got their bikes sprayed down by some chemical. We then went to another little kiosk and paid some fee and then went to immigration to get an entry stamp. It was mayhem and took forever. Once we were all stamped, Jeff decided to make some ground and peddled off. Dave and I looked for a hostel to stay at and got us some colones.

San Carlos versus Los Chiles....Night and Day...Los Chiles was not a dirty border town, but a cute little community. Everything looked healtier...there was obviously more wealth...the strays looked better. Thus far, Costa Rica has the highest standard of living that I´ve seen. There seems to be more wealth in this country and I think part of that has to do with the tourist industry and from being a country that isn´t in any unrest, from my knowledge, political or other.

From Los Chiles, I hopped on the early bus to Alajela on the 20th.

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