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Our mission today was to retrieve our bike and travel bags from where we had left them 14 weeks ago, at the United Campervan depot near the airport. I had the great idea to find a United campervan in the campsite that was heading back to the depot today, and scrounge a lift out with them. We couldn't cycle, because we wouldn't have been able to carry the bags back, so it was either a cab or a series of busses and a cab or walk from the airport. Nick managed to track down a young French couple who were happy to take us, and after they had had their breakfast and cleaned their van, they drove us the 20 minutes or so to the depot. Nice and easy.

Just as we pulled into the depot, I spotted an Icebreaker warehouse outlet, so we walked back to that and spent about an hour picking up some bargains there. Then we walked back to the United depot and retrieved our bags and the box of unwanted winter woolies we had cheekily sent them from Christchurch. Quite a relief to get everything back without a hitch, and very kind of United to look after all that stuff for us. We also managed to get a lift from their transfer service back to the airport, where we jumped on a bus to Manukau. In fact the whole exercise was remarkably easy and remarkably cheap, and therefore a very present surprise. Getting back to the airport might not be so easy, when all the bags are full, but we'll have to wait and see.

We spent the rest of the day chilling out at the campsite. Shame there's no pool here.

Nick's making lasagne for dinner.


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