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Me and Em all Chrismassy on the beach!


Main Beach in Byron Bay

Belongil Beach in Byron Bay

Em's favourite Christmas Tree on our travels so far :)

Our cool hostel in Byron Bay

Me and Matt having a tennis ball football fight while Em enjoys...

Matt plays dirty........

....but so does I !!!!!!!

I'd like a crocodile pie and make it snappy!!! And a Kangaroo...

Crocopies rock!!!

Today is a sad day! We have to leave Byron Bay and get a move on down the coast! :(

We had a mad dash around and grabbed a few last bits and bobs that we have had our eyes on! and left around 11.30.

Byron Bay is an amazing place, there aren't a million things to do here in town itself but it has a really nice relaxed vibe going on and it was nice to spend a few days here.

So on we went, it was a 6/7 hour drive today down to Ozzie Pozzie backpackers in Port Macquarie. We did stop off for a few pickle stops and we popped into the "famous" Fredo's Pie Shop to pick up some dinner! Ozz went for a croc pie and Matt went for a Kangaroo pie.....evil!!!! I went for chicken because I rock! (Or because she IS a chicken! Ozz).

We finally arrived in Port Macquarie around 7ish.

When we arrived Hettie and Andrew were already there as they had left on the Greyhound the previous night.

We pretty much cooked dinner (various pies, new potatoes and beans!) and then had a few drinks with Hettie and Andrew and an Irish girl from the hostel (and a strange old drunk man who worked at the hostel and really reminded me of Daddy Sheen :) )

Anyway that was pretty much it for today, we haven't seen the town yet but it is bloody freezing here! Well freezing-ish!


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