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Still plenty of snow but melting fast...

We had a terrific meal and a very enjoyable evening...

Miss Jasmine was in a terrific mood!

She certainly loves her daddy!

And the gelato (Italian ice cream) Aunt Bonnie is sharing with her!

Happy Birthday Tawnia and goodnight Miss Jasmine!

Larry spent the afternoon at his primary care physicians getting a general checkup and an EKG in preparation for his surgery. Tomorrow he gets a chest x-ray and blood work done. And we are going to a pre-op seminar at the hospital. Who knew there was so much preparation for a new knee? This was a new physician for him so she really did the once over. Announced that he was one of her healthier patients when it was all said and done. They were both very pleased.

I stayed home and wrapped Christmas gifts with Fiscus, as Bonnie was grocery shopping so he had a few minutes of privacy. I was doing laundry anyway, so killed 2 birds with one stone. We aren't doing much this year. Times are tight for everyone it seems. Besides, we have all we really need. And not much room for any other 'wants'. Like maybe a bigger quad!

Today is Tawnia's birthday so, we left at 6pm for the Sicilian Cafe. A wonderful Italian place, and Tawnia's favorite. She and her family have been coming here for many years and are friends with the owners. Good thing, as I hadn't made a reservation thinking it would be fairly slow on a Thursday evening. Not! It was packed. But a bit of name dropping got us seated quickly.

This was our first visit with them since we arrived back in town. Oh my goodness, has Jasmine grown! What a doll. She was in an excellent mood the whole evening, laughing and smiling for all of us! Our meals were wonderful and they always have the best salad and bread. If you are ever in town, I highly recommend this wonderful place. It's located on Tropicana Ave.

Arriving home my hubby gave me a wonderful massage. You'd have thought it was my birthday! We have this deal, Monday's for him and Thursdays for me. I offered him a reprieve for tonight as we were both tired and full, but he glad, it was sorely needed. Ha ha, get it??? LOL

So that's it for now. Off to so relaxed I can hardly keep my eyes open!

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