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Sitting in the park drinking goon. Classy!!!!

We weren't actually drunk at this point but I wanted a photo...

This was our first effort! It turned out more Zombie than boozy...

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday really - Mooched about around the shops for a bit and went down the beach for a bit of surf 'n' sun action.

This evening there was a School theme night in a/the club in Byron Bay which we decided to go to. We met Andy & Hetty (our friends from Fraser Island) earlier in the day and organised to meet up with them in the club later.

We got to the club a little bit early and decided after a couple of drinks that we may as well leave (while it was still free to get back in) and go and get some cheep goon from the bottle shop, have a couple of glasses of that in the park, and then return to the club far more cheaply oiled then if we had stayed!

Anyway that plan worked suprisingly well and we met up with Andy & Hett in the club later as planned.

The place was super cheesey (they even had strip twister. No I didn't do it!) but we still all had a fun night regardless.

I think my body is starting to reject the goon now though!!!

Oh yeah when we were buying the wine from the shop, the alcoholic in front of us looked at our cheep 4 litre purchase and then slurred that HE doesn't even drink that stuff anymore!!! I don't think I've ever met a fussy alcoholic before!!!!

Cool night. Can't wait for 2mo morning!!!


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