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Someone coming back down to earth from something!!!

Em either trying to keep warm or trying to eat her towel.

Em trying and succeeding to get in my photo of the beach!

Em and Kate on a blustery Moochy beach

Matt & Kyle walking back up the beach like heros after their...

Matt's stoked about his first go at surfing!!

The greatest desert ever invented EVER!!!

In Sizzlers and the 'All you can eat buffet'. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!

Kyle & Kate are loving the 'All you can eat' buffet as...

Matt mentioned something about trying my desert. I politely asked him to...

Kate & Kyles flash pad in Maroochydore. They even have a pool...

After a strange nights sleep we got up and had some breakfast at about 10am.

The 'strange' part I'll let Em fill you in more about:-

There was a bit of a strange lad in the bunk below me and in the middle of the night he kicked the underneath of my matress and started swearing......then he quitened down for a bit so I rolled over to try and get back to sleep and he was standing eye level at the side of my bunk just staring at me! He then walked around the room swearing and shouting then got back into bed!!!

I know how he feels Em!!! ;)

Annnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyywayyyyyyyy, Matt and Sam went for a bit of a wander in the National Park today but me and Em spent most of our time on the internet either trying to download photos onto the journal or trying to sort out Sydney over New Year again.

Pretty much to no avail, however while we were doing this I phoned Kate (of Kyle and Kate fame! The really nice couple whom we had met travelling in Phuket/Phi Phi) and organised to meet up with them this evening as they lived in a place called Maroochydore about half an hour from Noosa.

Matt and Sam got back from their little adventure at about 3pm so we headed of to Kate & Kyles' (via some shops on the sea front!) and got there at about 4.30pm (after getting lost in Maroochydore several times!).

When we got there Kyle (who had got in from work about a minute before aparently) was already in his boardies and raring for a bit of surf action!

Their apartment was really nice, about 2 minutes walk from the beach, but had their own pool anyway!!!

We all headed down to the beach and Kyle showed me and Matt how it's meant to be done!!!

After splashing about for a while we all headed back, got showered and changed, and then headed on out for some din dins.

The place they had chosen was a Sizzlers..............with an all you can eat $20 buffet. Ingenious!!!

The buffet was actually a 'salad' bar but this also had things like chilli, potatos, pasta, bread, soups, basically anything you may want. Oh this also included unlimited drinks and deserts!!

It was really good for like GBP 8.00 each and we were all completely stuffed by the end of it (Matt had at least 6 plates of food the greedy git!!).

We went back to the apartment after this and then crashed in their spare room and sofa bed for the night.

Really cool to see Kate and Kyle again and very kind of them to put up 3 smelly travellers for the night!


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