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A crocodile!

Yeaaaaaaaaaah gotcha!! I was feeling a bit croc today!!!!

Heffalumps in the main arena

A real live crocodile managed to escape into the crowd!

.....aaaaand then did a dance!!!


This dude was stalking us.

This lady was playing this baby croc like an accordian.

Gem (Wright) you have a twin in Oz!!!!

"Now siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, and stayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy".

Rather you then me buddy!!!

That bird was still alive by the way........................................ok it wasn't really. Orrrrrrrrrr...

Would you believe the croc started wagging it's tail and then rolled...

Crikey! Could you look more happy!?!?!

A very sleepy Koala

An even MORE sleepy Koala!

This bird was like 4 ft tall. This is called a Kasso........something!!!

A koala and it's baby

A Foot long lizzard just hanging out on the path

Another fluffy Koala!

A camel hiding in the grass.

Ahhh come on, you'd do this too!!!!

A Fierce snake.....

Told you!!

They forgot to feed this little fella!!

A wombat. Or a dead wombat.

A colourful bird!

A kingfisher thing!

Em stroking a Roo

Of course she now wants one!!

Matt perhaps TOO exited about stroking a Roo!

Aaaaaaaand finally me stroking a Roo. There was a lot of stroking...

Some more Heffalumps. They looked som much happier there than in Asia...

Em does the correct thing and freezes when attacked by this koala

But she gets her own back and puts it in a sleeper...

They were very cute and fluffy.

.....aaaaaaand so am I!!!! They let me breast feed this one.

A Tazmanian Devil!!!!

CRIKEY!!!!!! Bit of six pack for the ladies there!

A party at the hostel in Brisbane

Me quietly drinking my Snake Bite and Black. I wonder where Em...

And from here I guess there are just going to be various...

Ahhh Em AND Matt leaving me to enjoy my pint in peace!!

Em and Matt having a Rock off!!

Yeah it was THAT much fun!!!!

The smell from this competition emptied the room!

The fire escapes are here, here, and here.....

That's my "I need another Snake Bite" face.

Sweet lord get this man off the podium!!!!

The spotlight's on Matt!

Em finds a Santa beard. At least I HOPE that's a Santa...


We finally dragged ourselves out of the most comfortable beds we've slept in for a while to the smell of bacon and eggs being cooked for us by Kate!!

I thought it was a dream at first!!!

So after a lubbily breckfast and a wicked night sleep we finally had to bite the bullet and leave Maroochydore and Kate 'n' Kyle behind :(

We would have absolutely loved to have stayed for longer but we are running a bit short on time and unfortunately have to get a shift on.

They are in Sydney around Crimbo time visiting their family so hopefully we can hook up with them again somewhere down there.

Steve Irwins Australia Zoo was only about 20 minutes from Maroochydore was today was the day that we finally got to see some crocs and roos!!!!

The zoo itslef was amazing, it was massive but didn't seem to big which was cool. The staff and trainers were also really friendly and fun, and the animals themselves seemed perfectly happy. It all seemed very genuine and natural and there were lots of hands on encounters. It was completely refreshing after some of our experiences in Asia.

We pretty much spent the whole day there and watched the croc show, saw some crocs (obviously!) roos, tigers, snakes, birds of prey, elephants, wombats, tazmanian devil, dingos, and even got to hold (cuddle in Em's case!) a Koala.

Just check out the photo's!!!

We left around 5pm for our 2 hour journey down to Brisbane.

The hostel was really well set up (except for the fact they didn't have any parking spaces left so we had a bit of a mission trying to find one a few streets away!) but other than that it was cool.

There was also a bit of a party thing in the hostel bar/club that night so after a long but amazing day we celebrated with a few drinks.........and then a few more!!!


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