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Not a bad parking space eh?!? I know it's no NCP but...

Hanging out in the park.....for a nice picnic.......or getting drunk on cheep...

And the party just keeps on going!!!

Today we arrived in Byron Bay at around 2 ish.

We stopped off at a couple of hostels but they all seemed pretty busy so we tried a few more....then a few more and it suddenly became apparent that we may have come unstuck for the first time!

So we all made a decision to stay in the car for the night....and then went to the beach!

The beach is beautiful here, a lot of surfing and bobyboarding.

After that we went in to town and had a wonder about. It is an amazing place, it has a really laid back vibe going on, a bit hippyish even! and we liked it straight away.

Seeing as we were hobo's for the evening we decided get a kebab and some goon and sit in the park....which was lovely in the day but as the night started to draw in there was a few dodgey characters lurking about so we decided to kill a bit of time wandering the isles of Woolworths!

We came out with 2 packets of biscuits and a packet of pipecleaners which I thought we could make stuff out of if we got really bored/drunk! (I wasn't drinking as I was driving mum and dad!!) after that we sat in the car and started to watch a film but the battery died shortly after! By this point Ozz and Matt were pretty gooned up and I was tired so we drove to find our resting point for the evening!

After about half an hour we all agreed on a spot, cleaned our teeth and got cosy for the night, Ozz and Matt were in the front and I got the back!!

This should be a fun night!!


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