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A Great Song

It was International Disability Week last week so the majority of my colleagues at GNAD had headed north to Bolgatanga for a week long conference. I decided to take this opportunity of a bit of downtime to go to Richard’s school and visit the kindergarten classes.

When I arrived, 4 of the classes had been put together in one room as they were practising songs for the carol concert that’s going to be held next week. It was absolutely brilliant! The kids were so enthusiastic singing along to ‘Go tell it on the mountain’ and ‘Joy to the world’. The ages ranged from the incredibly young (2 years old) to around 7 years old. Even though there were 4 teachers in the room, it was still difficult to keep the attention of the younger ones. One 3 year old was particularly cunning and asked to go out to the toilet but was then later dragged back into the room as he’d been caught playing on the playground equipment!

The children were quite wary of me at first but a few brave ones started coming up to me and feeling my white skin to see if it was any different to touch. One boy sat himself on my lap and promptly fell asleep, which must have been quite tricky to do as his classmates were belting out the tunes at full volume. The teachers then invited me to do a song so I taught them ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’, actions included! They enjoyed it a lot but got a bit over excited so we all went out into the playground and did a marching song to burn off some energy. The teacher’s in the kindergarten were absolutely fantastic. They haven’t had any official training but kept control and the interest of the children easily.

After lunch the classes split up and I sat in with KG1 (4 and 5 year olds) who were learning writing A-G. It was nice that it was a smaller sized class, 16 children, so more attention could be given to individuals. Each had a turn to come up to the blackboard and write the letters and each got a round of applause from their classmates. They all showed me how they could write their full names as well which was very impressive at such a young age. At around 3:30pm Richard came to find me to say it was time to go, the time had gone so quickly. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I’m so impressed with the good work going on there. I’m looking forward to seeing the children’s polished performance at the carol concert next week!

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