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The pool at our hostel in Hervey Bay. Heh heh heh!!


Oh yeah it's crimbo isn't it!!!

Our cheese 'n' pickle fix for the day in our new hostel...

Everybody from our Fraser Island trip departed today which was a bit sad, but most of them are going down to Sydney for Crimbo/New Year so I'm sure we'll see them either there or on the way down anyway!

The drive down to Noosa took about 3 hours which wasn't too bad. The hostel (Koala) wasn't too bad either, the dorm was a bit of a state, but nothing to complain about really.

After a bit of Pickle and cheese luncheon, we headed on down to Sunshine beach for a bit of sea action.

Em just watched, which was probably sensible, as the waves were massive and really strong.

Me and Matt (and a few of the locals) were just diving through them (or at least trying to!) but mainly just taking a bit of a beating for a bit!

After nearly dying a few times we decided to sunbathe for a bit and then headed on back to the hostel for some FREE DINNER!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!

While eating dinner we bumped into the Irish guys from the previous hostel and Sam the man from Fraser Island!

We had a few beers in the hostel then went down to an Irish Bar down the road and then called it a night.


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