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Short driving days are good, made even better when we fill the motorhome fuel tank with diesel costing $2.17 a gallon! This summer in Anacortes we paid a high of $4.99 and earlier, on the eastward-bound leg of this trip, we were elated at $3.59! Does this mean more travel and farther destinations are in our future; probably not until the first of the year when we re-evaluate!

Departing Benson was indeed "sweet sorrow"; sad to be saying goodbye to Rodger and Sharon whom we have spent a lot of time with this year and enjoyed every minute. Sad to leave the beauty of the surrounding area. But after a month it is "sweet" to be leaving behind the rules and regulations that are necessary to run a Co-op of the magnitude of the SKP Park, which is indeed comparable to a small town! Does that mean I'm moving toward the "right", favoring lesser government - hmmm, something to ponder!

I guess the "back-breaking straw" came when doing laundry, sitting outside reading my book on a warm sunny day. I was aware of the sign warning that snakes could enter if the door was left open, but being ever cautious though it's practically the middle of winter! A seriously militant gentleman, whom I shall call the "Snake Czar", ran up pointing to the sign on the door and advised me of my offense, that of leaving the door open! At this point I just looked at him and said "you really need to get a life"! Think it's time for Lynda to say "bye-bye"....

And while I'm "venting", can I propose a temporary moratorium on political labels? You know; right/left, conservative/liberal, blue/red, demos/repubs(?) It's amazing how many people actually define themselves in such a manner! How about "world citizen"? And for clarification, Howard's attendance at Berkeley was more an economic statement than political. After losing his football scholarship at Purdue, due to injury, CAL was the "affordable" state school near his parents' home in San Leandro and a decent engineering one as well! Color me Purple - Apolitical Statement!

Catalina State Park, just north of Tucson on Highway 77, has somehow eluded us all these many years but its location at the foot of the Catalina Mountains and proximity to the city were appealing. Then when we heard that friends Karen and John Shane, whom we met many years ago near Sun Valley, ID, were in rare attendance at their home nearby, we just couldn't pass up the opportunity.

John and Karen came over soon after we arrived. We had not seen each other in all these years yet had kept in frequent touch by email. We have alot in common in both boating and full-time RVing interests. They lived on a narrowboat in England cruising the canals, and on a trawler on the US east coast. Their Foretravel coach is the same vintage as our Country Coach with similar systems.

John is an electro-mechanical "whiz" who maintains all their toys as well as a good samaritan, frequently helping other travelers in distress! Karen is a writter whose articles have appeared in magazines, newspapers, and journals. A few months ago she wrote an article for the Escapees Magazine about sprucing up their 8 year old motorhome with new graphics and detailing.

Though the weather was inclement we did manage to hike the beautiful Canyon Loop Trail, about 2 1/2 miles. We made our monthly visits to Costco and Trader Joe's though December may be a "two visit month"! We saw a great movie, "Australia", with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, a 3 hour-long epic, circa early World War II. We drove around neighborhoods in the Oro Valley/Marana areas, amazed at all the subdivisions. Nope, not yet; in case you're wondering!

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