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Waking up on Frazer Island........I could get used to this!!!

Ahhhh that's where we camped!!!

Mornin Andy!!!

And look how happy Mr & Mrs tooth brush are! Yeah I...

Em in her inflatable pajamas again! It was the wind aparently. And...

We all smelt the wind escape though!!!

Dingos at 12 O'Clock!!!!

The gang having survived the previous night! With Matt trying but failing...

Our return journey back down the 75 mile beach

The dingos were less of a concern in a 2 tonne truck...

And they knew it! 1-0 to Blue Thunder!!! Actually the Dingo on...

Another plane-off!!

You can't say they didn't warn you when you get a plane...

View along the 75 mile beach back to the shipwreck

Our daily exercise!!!

Splashing about in Lake Wobby

My freckles didn't like the water so they all gathered on my...

Some more of Lake Wobby

Cooling the feet before the 45 minute walk back to the Car!

Our last the rain again!!!

A very knackered, sandy, smelly, but very happy gang!!! Matt and Sam...

Sam amazes everyone with his brilliant card tricks that evening. A wicked...

We woke up this morning not quite believing we made it through the storm, man!!!!

Everyone was up pretty early this morning (about 5-6am) but seeing as most of us had gone to bed before 9pm we were all quite spritely and chipper!!

We were also welcomed by a pretty amazing sunrise and a couple of Dingos (in the distance!) too!!!

Brecko consisted of some sausage sangas and cereal which set us up well for our last day.

All we had left to see on our itinery was Lake Wabby so we set off on our long drive back down 75 Mile Beach in that direction.

We saw some more Dingos on the beach as we drove past and were kind of praying at that point that we didn't get stuck in the sand again!!!

It was about a 45 minute walk through the forest to Lake Wabby which was pretty cool, knackering, but cool!!

The lake itself was pretty mental. It was a fresh water lake again (which again was lovely and refreshing!) but it was at the bottom of a massive sloping sand dune. It almost looked like it was man made, but I don't think it was!

We splashed about in there for a bit (Matt and Sam had a competition to see who could roll down the sand dune in the wierdest way!!) and then hiked back to the van for the remaining drive to the Ferry port. Em ran actually the nutbag!

We were told that if we missed the ferry it was a $250 dollar fine or something so we were determined to get there on time, and seeing as we had been having some trouble getting stuck alot in the sand we gave ourselves plenty of time.

Wouldn't you know it, TOOOOOO much time. We were at the Ferry Port 2 and a half hours early!!!

No matter. We had lunch with the rest of the food (I think all we had was baked beans, sketty, tortilla chips, rice crackers, and hot sauce!!!

We eat like kings!!!!

It wasn't too bad actually.

We eventually got onto the mainland again and back to the garage to drop Blue Thunder off at about 5pm ish.

We were all half expecting to get a bill for killing their car but we luckily escaped any further charges and so we all headed back to the hostel for a well deserved shower!!

In the evening we all just hung around the hostel, mucking about on the internet, and watching Sam do some AMAZING card tricks.

We still have no idea how he did them!!!

Everyone crashed after this tired but happy they had survived their 3 day Fraser Island adventure!


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