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A morning stroll down the creek


Some more creek!

Me and Matt having one of our hourly sparring sessions

Assume the position!!!

A/THE ship wreck

It was the wreck of a ship....

.....aaaaand that's pretty much all I know about it.

I know it has a name but that escapesme at the moment...

So it's a ship wreck then. Everybody still with me? Gooooooooood


Me cuddling the shipwreck

Em in the shipwreck...........if I see another F'ing photo of a shipwreck...

The sea off of Frazer Island. Looks lovely and inviting doesn't it....

Amazing beach though.

The group after our long drive up the 75 mile beach to...

View back down the beach from the cliffs at Indian Head

View of the next beach along. Champagne falls is at the point...

Looking over the cliffs for sharks/turtles/dolphins/mermaids/anything really!!

The guys teetering on the edge of the cliff. And that's why...

On the look out!

The lonnnnnnnnnnng walk up the beach to Champagne Pools

View back from the point where Champagne Pools are to where we...

Sam getting eaten by a big blue jelly fish ring......

Champagne Pools

A Mahoooosive sand dune behind the beach

Dishing up Spag Boll in the dark and in the pishing rain!!!...

A little bubba frog joined the rain party.

And then some peaches and custard for pudding!!! Living the dream kids!!!!

Today we woke up around 6 ish and got some brecko on the go, the menu for this morning is sausages and eggs....cereal and bread! again reeeeaaaaaly nice!

We decided to just eat the sausages as the eggs would be too messy and we were no where near a camp site where we could wash up so we rinsed everything and took it with us to try and find a capsite somewhere along the way to wash up properly.

On the itinery for today was Indian Head, Champagne Pools, Eli creek....and the famous Maheno shipwreck on the beach!

We started off with the creek, basically it's a fresh water creek you can walk up along side it the float back down to where you started from but seeing as hardly any of us realised this, most of us just waded back to the beach! It was still very nice and refreshing though!

Next on the agenda was the Shipwreck. Aparently this was the first ever tripple screw steamer (what ever that means!). In 1935 the ship was caught by a Cyclone and shipwrecked and has been there ever sinse! FACT!

Next was Indian Head (which the furthest northern point you can drive too) where we parked up. We had some lunch here before our walk to to the viewing point/cliff (which today was hot dogs!:))

It was a small climb up some rocks to the top and we were pretty lucky and managed to see a few turtles and a massive Stingray and the views of the Island were spectaculor!

After this we had a 40 or so minute walk along the beach to get to Champagne Pools which is basically a pool of water left by the sea which is safe to swim/lie in etc (as you can't go in the sea on Frazer Island due to Sharks, seaweed that burns you and lots of other scary reasons!)

The water was freeeezing but ok once you were in! We stayed here for a while as we had to wait for the tide to go back out where we parked up to be able to drive back down the beach to get to our camp site for the evening.

We started to notice some dark evil looking clouds forming in front of us (We was told there were storms forcast for this evening!) and it was starting to get dark and we still hadn't washed any of our pots pans and plates up. We found a place and drove up to investigate (after getting stuck whilst the rain started!) The place was strange, there was no one there and it reminded us a bit of the Darhma village in Lost! So we washed up as the wierdest thunder storm began! It sounded like cannons going off and there was 9 bangs one after another and was the loudest, scariest thunder EVER!

Then we had a short drive to out beach canmping area (which wasn't looking so great due to a bog that was forming where it was raining so much!) but we didn't really have a choice as it was pretty much dark now!

We all helped out getting each others tents up first then Hettie managed to cook the most amazing Spag Bol (in the rain!!!) and peaches and custard for desert!

Unfortunatly it was raining so hard we had no other option but to get in to our tents and retire for the evening at around 8.30pm! But we did get to see some amazing lightning!!

Me and Ozz was pretty happy though as our tents were dry and we had my Ipod with us and sat in the tent and watched a film! nothing like roughing it eh!

[OZZ] and I had a nice cold beer too!!!:)


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