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Beach at Agnes Water

Baywatch me up baby!!

Jelly fish. Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

Today we drove down to Hervey Bay for our trip across to Fraser Island.

On the way we stopped off in Bundaberg (which is renowned for it's rum and sugar plantations).

We didn't find any of that but as we were starving we DID find their Macdonalds!!!!

Nothing much else of interest here so we continued our journey down to our hostel in Hervey Bay.

When we were in Airlie Beach we booked up like a double trip thing - the first trip was the Whitsunday's sailing day and the second trip was a 3 day 2 night Fraser Island Self Drive Adventure which also included 2 free nights in a hostel before and after it - we likey free!!!

Anyway we got to the hostel (which wasn't too bad at all!) in the late afternoon and proceeded to have a dip in the pool and a nice cool beer.

There were a couple of Irish guys in the pool with us and they had just got back from Fraser Island so we gleaned them for info and tips.

After this all of the people doing the trip (it turned out to be 9 of us in total) met up and had to watch some videos with do's and dont's on Fraser Island. These were prety commical (I don't think they were meant to be!) and when the bloke from the hostel said "Ok you can pretty much ignore most of that" afterwards we were a bit confused as to what we WERE meant to/not to do. Especially when a Dingo attacks!!!

Our group was made up of me, Em and Matt, another English couple called Hetty and Andy who were cool, A nutty French/Italian called Sam (who was a legend!), 2 German girls who were quite quiet, and a complete nutbar of a Canadian girl who was rediculously quiet (think Nat Brodie x 10).

After the meeting we all went and got our booze for the trip. It turned out that pretty much no one else drunk apart from the English people (not sure if that's a suprise!). Could be a lonnnnnng 3 days!!!!

We all had an early night tonight as we are up at about 6am tomorrow to get our 4x4!!



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