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Our boat and skipper

Checking out my equipment, so to speak.

Me and 3 other men nearly dying putting the main sail up


Em sporting a funky stinger suit

The Whitsunday's Island (Hayman Island) which we moored at.

Not a bad place to eat not a bad lunch!!!

It's the classic 'Henry the 8th' pose!!!

The boat!

Em hangs out on deck

Boom! Watch out for it.....

Em striking a pose

The sail and sky again!

When the wind caught the sails the boat started sailing on about...

She soon calms down again though!

Or did I speak too soon!!!!

The crew wave farewell as we disembark the Maxi Raggamuffin


We celebrated with a couple of beers in the very busy hostel...

We were up early today to go get the coach to take us to the harbour which was about 30 minutes away.

I must admit (It's me Emma by the way) although I am now semi ok with boats, I was a little nervous as it was a racing sail boat and quite small but it turned out to be fine!

The boat was called Ragamuffin which won loads of medals in races including an Olympic Gold back in the 80's but has now been converted in to a day trip boat.

We set of to the furthest of the Whitsundays Islands which was called Hayman Island was a 2 hour sail away.

On the way they asked for volenteers to help put up the sail, Ozz was straight in there! unfortunatly all their hard work was pointleess as they had to put it back down again due to there being no wind!

When we finally go there we got in to a smaller boat and it took us over to the island for snorkling, which I was now very excited about after the Barrier Reef!

We had to put stinger suits on as it is stinger season here and I went for fins (flippers) this time too which helps you move a lot faster.

It was amazing! there were sooooo many fish! we even had a 3 foot mauwi fish which bit one girls boob!!! :)

The snorkling was much better than the reef I thought.

We headed back to the boat for lunch then started out trip back to the main land, Matt voulenteered for putting the sail back on the way home as we had some wind so we managed to sail for most of it.

When we got back we went for another dip in the lagoon then made some dinner and had a few drinks in the bar.

A really fun day.


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