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Hi Everybody,

We've been out of internet contact for the last few days while we hiked around in the woods. Here is an account of our latest adventures

Last Thursday we drove from Taupo through Hawkes bay to Wellington. We stopped at a couple vineyard and toured a chocolate factory and museum and learned all we ever wanted to know about chocolate. The wine was interesting, most of the reds I found too acidic, dry , and harsh, but the whites were very good. It was obvious why NZ is known for it’s sauvignon blanc, which of the few that we tried were very good. All along the way we saw pasture after pasture of cows, goats, and sheep. They all look so happy and content lounging and napping under shade with endless pasture to graze. These animals truly have the good life. In the future, if I have the choice, I’ll be buying NZ beef and lamb for eating now that I see how well they are cared for and raised.

We only spent one night in Wellington before we hopped on the ferry to the south island where we stayed in Nelson. Chris and I just spend an amazing 3 days in the Abel Tasman nation park located in the northern tip of the south island. Thanks to the killer NZ-US$ exchange rate we opted to stay in a luxury B&B for 3 nights. We hiked the northern half of the Abel Tasman track on the first day and the finished the southern half, picking up where we left off, on the next day. This place is sooo cool. There are several water taxi companies that will drop off and pick you up at various points along the shore. I am amazed at how beautiful this place is, the beaches are pristine and a beautiful gold color, the water is a clear cerulean blue and the trails are canopied with giant indigenous ferns which are much more like trees. Chris took tons of pictures I’ve posted a few of his best shots. We hiked for 4 hours on the first day and for 7 hours on the second, and after the seven hours on the trail I declare that I am officially old. God my body hurts, but it was so worth it. If you have never been here you most come see this place some time in your lifetime, it’s like paradise. We were lucky because we hit it just before the major tourist season and we had perfect weather both days, lightly breezy 22C and clear skies.

Now we are off to Hokitika located on the central west coast of the southern island, from there we’ll go down to queenstown for a few days before we turn the car north again and go up to Christchurch on the east coast. Stay tuned.

-Tami and Chris

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