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Cousin Jody & Cathy

Busy Isla

Friday Nov. 28 was the first of four days of dense fog for Nanaimo. We decided to head for the shopping mall and see if we could get caught up on some Christmas shopping.

Saturday Nov. 29 although overcast and foggy we decided to go golfing with Jody & Cathy at March Meadows golf course in Honeymoon Bay, a course Connie and I had played earlier in the month. The temperature was warm but a light mist was falling through the entire game. Connie & I dressed for the occasion complete with our rain gear and west coast rain hats. However the locals Jody & Cathy looked like drowned rats after the game as they did not bring hats and neither had a rain jacket. After the game we stopped at the local pub in Honeymoon Bay we enjoyed a hot lunch and dried off.

Sunday Nov. 30 was a pack up day to get ready to move on Monday. Besides taking the dog for a hike we stayed close to the campgrounds.

Monday Dec. 1 we were up early eager to get going for our ferry ride back to the mainland. Once again it was very foggy and overcast. This was the fourth day and we were both finding that without seeing the sun for that long a period it can be quite draining on your energy levels. We arrived at the ferry about 2 hours before sailing, nothing like being early. There was not much too see during the crossing as dense fog enveloped the ship. We arrived shortly after lunch at our next destination, Pacific Boarder RV Park. This is a very nice park that sits adjacent the US border where all the commercial trucks cross, a little noisy at night. Once set up Connie headed in to White Rock to visit Jill & Isla. Their house is only 7 kilometres from the RV Park so it makes it quite easy to run back and forth.

Tuesday Dec 2 we maid a couple of trips into White Rock to replenish our grocery supply. In the evening we went out to supper with Jill, Isla and Lucas’s father, Ken who is visiting in the area from Nova Scotia. Lucas did not attend as he traveled into Vancouver to the Metallica concert.

Wednesday Dec 3rd John took the truck into the Ford Dealership in Langley to have the oil change and get some maintenance issues cleared up. In the afternoon we picked up Jill & Isla and headed into Richmond to do a little Christmas shopping. In the evening we had Jill, Lucas, Isla and Ken all out to the 5er for supper. The park we are staying at has a very nice in door pool, hot tub and sauna so we all headed over to enjoy a relaxing soak before finishing off the evening.

Thursday Dec 4th we took Shiloh to the kennel where he and the cats will be spending a week when we travel back to Alberta and Saskatchewan next week. He was a bit nervous when we dropped him off but everything went fine after that. Jill, Isla and Ken came out for supper while Lucas had to work late.

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