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School kids at Buwaiswa lining up for lunch

Mama Lilian, the one who feeds me at the village! I love...

Edith, the caretaker/ teacher of the kids at the Children's Home!

Bridget, Edith's daughter and one of my favourites!

Me with the kids of the Children's Home :)

The road to Buwaiswa from town

The tracks the train still uses... RIGHT by our house :P























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Short video just to show how close we were!

Hey once again!

Can't believe it's now less than a week before I'm back in Australia once again, I'm really looking forward to being able to have a PROPER BBQ :)

Went to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest with Julie, Canadian woman who's now back home, on the weekend to go and see the mountain gorillas! After the 12 hour bus ride to get there (the woman beside us didn't travel too well and was sick, the last 4 hours seemed to go ALOT longer!) we ended up staying just within the park boundaries at a local campsite. One thing that amazed me was the scenery around the park and outside it, the hills rose up incredbly steeply on either side, and I could see the grids where people were keeping their crops! How they managed to get up there and collect them I have no idea.

Got up the next morning and found out that the group we were tracking had been spotted at a nearby campsite the afternoon before, so we had high hopes that we wouldn't have to trek far to get to the group! They don't call it Impenetrable for nothing, and I am very glad it only took us about 1/2 an hour to find our group, we met other people that had to track up and down the massive hills in the area for 4 or 5 hours before they found them! We actually found our group, Rushegura, of gorillas in a banana plantation outside of the park boundaries!

Also found out that the other 5 people with us were all Russian (and had all been *6* times before!), with MASSIVE telephoto camera lenses. It left Julie and I feeling a little inferior, but it was difficult trying to get photos with them always in the way! We were very lucky that they were out in the open when we first found them, afterwards they went back into the forest, the guide was having to hack through the growth for us to even be able to see them! It was a really incredible experience for me, I think the most amazing thing was their hands, they looked so amazingly similar to our own! They had amazingly brown eyes as well, I tried to get a snap of it. The silverback was bigger than I had expected, the arms on it were easily as big as my legs put together!

Anyway, only 5 days to go, can't wait to be home again, although I'm really going to miss here as well!

Until next time ^_^

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