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Armed and Dangerous


Joely hiding behind a tree for protection during the shootout

Ked Nelly (as Joel used to call him)

Scene from the bar where The Kelly Gang took hostages

The remains of the footings of the burnt out inn where The...

The shootout


ANG: Glenrowan is the town where The Kelly Gang had their final stand. Three of the four were killed here, with Ned being captured, tried and hung. We read up on the history, walked around the significant sites, and also went to a robotic museum type show - which was averagish. What is good is that between the exhibit in Eden and this trip we now have a better idea of what a Bushranger was, and the story of Ned Kelly in particular. Josh thinks he was a hero, whilst I think he was a murderer. In their final stand they took a big group of people hostage, including a man, his wife and their 6 children, and the owner of the hotel they were at and her kids. One of her little boys was shot and killed, along with two other men. He played the victim and blamed everyone else for his actions, but a lot of people seemed to get caught up in the decisions he made, and paid high prices for it.

JOSH: Savannah. I met Savannah. She's a girl. She always called me (and Joel) "Boy". She's funny. She hates Dad (scared of him!). She's the daughter of Dad's cousin Dianne.

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