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Mr Puddle Duck

Our trailer with lattice skirting

Our Autumn Flowers

Hi Friends!

It was a nice sunny day and as usual a few of us from the campground met, stopped and decided to waste some time gabbing about the world, the economy, price of fuel, how we can make the world better, in other words about nothing in particular. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a motion in the water. I looked up just in time to see a large Orca jumping towards the sky – he was totally out of the water – tail and all. I yelled for everyone to look just as he did a belly flop into the water and left a huge splash that could be seen for quite a long time! Oh to have had a camera! This is the first time I have actually seen this – other than on TV - and that doesn’t count.

We heard that Westjet cut their fuel surcharges. However we purchased and paid for our tickets before the cuts, but the cuts took effect before we flew so I figured, nothing ventured, nothing gained – I emailed them. I politely asked if it was possible to get a credit for the surcharge amount we paid for our flight to and from Ontario. I promptly received a reply with a credit for both flights! Now that is service!

Among all our other ‘returning to home errands’ Peter decided to get busy and build our lattice fencing (with black plastic backing as a wind break) around the bottom of our trailer. Hopefully this will help to keep our floor a bit warmer on those cold winter days. As you see I took a picture just as Peter almost completed the one side. The corner piece still needs to be painted brown – but other than that I’d say he did a pretty good job!

With all the rain we’ve had since we got home, I decided to take a picture of our friend, Mr Puddle Duck. About two summers ago we had a horribly wet season at the campground. During that time a guy from California came up to go fishing and he stayed in a large 3 room tent for two months. As I mentioned earlier it was one of the wettest summers in a long time here in Campbell River. When he left he gave us his friend as a reminder of his visit during this rainy summer! One of the news stations has a picture of ‘Puddle Duck’ on the calendar to indicate the days it will be raining. We believe this is where our California visitor found this duck. Now we have fallen heir to the duck and we hang him on the wall and hope he will deter the rain……wishful thinking sometimes on the west coast of Canada!

Since autumn has arrived we figured it was time to bring a little bit of the fall colours to our home. We found this brightly coloured display of (fake) flowers for our living area – I can’t have the real thing they would die from lack of water. Add to it the rusty orange cushions and we have changed the look to ‘autumn’. In a small space you really don’t have to do very much to bring about a big change. It really is fun to try to come up with ideas for decorating changes without becoming ‘over-crowded’. Well that’s about all for now, hope everyone is well and happy. Take care, Peter & Connie

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