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So I went on a trip with the teachers of one of my junior high schools to a town called Hakone. It is about an hour west of Yokohama, a big suburb of Tokyo. The teachers all boarded a bus at about 8 am on a Friday morning for a trip down to Tokyo for lunch and then another trip over to Yokohama's china town.

The trip was a very fun one. I'm glad I got the chance to go with a bunch of Japanese teachers to see what it's like to road trip with non-Americans. What I found out is they do it the same way we do. They cracked the first bottle of Sake open at 8:30 am on the bus. After 3 hours of drinking it was a stop in Tokyo for lunch and more alcohol. After lunch most people passed out till we got to Yokohama. After an hour and a half in China town in Yokohama, it was another hour and a half until we got to the hotel, the Prince Hotel in Oiso. This was an amazing hotel. They had their own bowling alley in the hotel. heh. I got to share a room with the principal of my school and as soon as we got to the room he was ready for another beer before we got in the onsen that the hotel had. After the onsen they stated the 2 hour all you can eat/drink dinner for only us teachers and then we had the after party in the hotel room after that.

The next day was spent at an aquarium in Enoshima, which is somewhere where I have no idea ;) After watching the dolphin show we then left to go spend the day at the tokyo motor show in Roppongi. We finally got back into town at about 6:30 pm on Saturday night. I was exhausted.

What did I learn from this experience? Japanese drink way too damn much!

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