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Yaaaay! Sharp things!

Joseph! What a playa

I'm so cool it scares me sometimes.

Workin' class maaaaaan

One of the meals at Buwaiswa! Beans, greens, matooke, cabbage, rice and...

No, not unripe bananas, matooke!

Yeah, I did start to miss flushing toilets a little.

Classroom before renovation!

Fixing up the play equipment for the kiddies!

Typical Buwaiswa shot


These bananas were so small!

More men, hard at work! Washroom doors this time!

At the source of the Nile

Yum, chips, tomato sauce, nuts and beer. I was set!

Jak the dog rapist!


Me about to stab James, very sneakily of course

I had ALMOST got it done up...

Me and Ally!

James and I. I was a little scared about rafting.

Us ALL being a little scared!

Main street shot again!

Ah, rolex, my FAVOURITE food here! Chapati + omelette = SO GOOD

After rafting with our guide, Juma!

The "hardware market" in town, Dad would love it here :P

This was one of the other smaller classrooms in Buwaiswa, a little...

Me and a random pom!

Repainting classrooms!


Me and James in the drum room. Only guys allowed!

Bodaboda-ing in Kampala with Ally!

BatBat about to take out the camera!

As soon as we entered Kenya I was feeling more aggressive


Why use donkeys when you've got.... people?

Just chillin' at the equator

Me with the beautiful bride Angela, she also works at St Francis...

We + Johnathan with the camera all fit in the one car...

Hai to everyone once again!

Hope everyone's houses are OK, the storms happening in Brisbane have made it to the news over here! Hope you've got that tree out of your loungeroom now too Alex :P

Haven't really had that much happening since my last blog, I've been working at St Francis' Mon-Fri, which has been really good, haven't started at the rehab centre as its not open yet (HOPEFULLY will be before I leave here :P)

Over the weekend I managed to get the photos that James and Kyla had taken while they were here, so this entry is pretty much an excuse to put a few of them up on here!

Working at the clinic's been really interesting, I've been helping out in just about every area they have available for people to work in; helping to paint the rehab centre, data entry, going out into the field, even helping in the lab!

Last weekend one of the girls from work, Angela, had a kwanjulah, a traditional wedding, and I got invited to come along as well! I've got a couple of photos with me in the traditional getup, this time though I actually had black shoes! I borrowed the outfit from my host dad David, I'm really glad it managed to fit me! :D

The new host family has been really good to me, the mother Monica found out I liked chapati (kind of like an indian flat bread), and so she's been cooking it for me for breakfast! The number of people living there changes quite frequently, we had about 12 people staying over when there was a football match with Manchester United playing, I've become a fan since being here as well!

I've been trying not to count the days down 'til I'm back in Queensland, but 4 weeks to go!

See you later, hope you're taking care of each other! :)

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