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Hiking through the rainforest

The dormant volcano in the backdrop

Crater lake on top of the mountain

We started the day with a sumptuous breakfast the hotel's volcano side restaurant. Then we went on a morning hike through the rain forest with a guide. We came to know about the volcano's glory days. We also sighted many species of humming birds, which were way faster than I had imagined. We went to a cascade and then returned to the hotel in a tractor drawn carriage.

The hotel receptionist encouraged us to climb Cerro Chato, a dormant volcano nearby, whose crater had turned into a lake. We were very excited by the idea, packed some gatorade/water/energy bars and left on the hike.

Hikes get more adventurous when you are lost, and this happened even before we started climbing the mountain. We went in loops, till we asked a couple who pointed us in the right direction. The mountain was steep. We waded our way through mud and muck. Our clothes were full of rain, sweat, and mud. Hiking in the rain forest is an amazing experience. Silence all around, with occasional interruptions by insect chirps, and raindrops trickling form the very tall trees. The tree trunks were all covered with moss, thanks to all the moisture. We encountered an occasional snake. After that, we had to be careful as to which branch we grab for support or where we step on.

We reached the summit after two and half hours of climbing. The view of the lake was beautiful. However, we could not go closer to the lake as the hike was getting a lot tougher, it would get dark soon and we did not want to get stuck in the forest. This was one of the more adventurous hikes I've undertaken .The rain and mud made it more difficult than the terrain itself. We headed back to our hotel hungry and exhausted after a long day of hiking in the rain forest.

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