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Photo from my bike of a boat anchored off Gili!! Enough useless...

Em waits patiently as I try and set the camera up in...

I gave up and just took a semi-pose-action-shot of Em instead.

View over to the next even smaller Gili island

View of a Gili Island and the hills of Lombok in the...

Em putting her feet up in the sea

She had a whole synchronised swimming routine sorted by the time I'd...

Another photo of the island!

The little DVD lounges on the path to the bar

Em squashing a mozzy with her chin.

I've just squashed a mozzy on my shoulder.........and then grew a crazy...

Really nice restaurant on the beach. It was full before we turned...

Em kicking my ass at the Wii and she hasn't even broken...

Maybe I lost cos I was bowling like a spaz evidentley. A...

Em's the ugly ginger one that lost.................................alas no she isn't!

Today we woke up at a reasonable time....for us! and had some brecko in the hotel's beach bar.

It was a pretty nice view! right on the beach, we had eggs on toast in case you were interested! :)

Then we went to hire our bikes....and off we set.

Aparently you can walk around the Island in 4 hours so we reckoned 1-2 cycling.

It all stared off ok but when you get off the main strip where all the hotels and resturaunts are the road stops and turns to sand! and as I was on a ladies bike with rich tea biscuit wheels! the bike wouldn't have none of it! So it was half cycling half walking but we really enjoyed it and managed to do it in around an hour!

So when we got back we decided to see what the beach was was beautiful! I think it is the closest to paradise we have found on our travels yet! White sands crystal clear blue water.....absolutley beautiful!

So we had a little swim and sunbathe then took our bikes back and headed back to ranch.

We went to a really nice little reasturaunt overlooking the beach for dinner, went to our bar to have a few drinks (our first for about 10 days I might add!!), played some Wii in the bar (I kicked Ozzie's ass!) and then called it a day.

The Islands is beautiful, It's a shame we only have 3 days here even though there is nothing to do (if you don't like snorkelling/scubering)...we could stay for A LOT longer.


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