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Taking a break at the golf course

Cedar Valley RV & Golf Course at Guthrie

Bob's next project

One of the ponds at Topeka RV Park

Drove down to Edmunds (between here and Oklahoma City) this morning and got some parts to bypass the electrical problem with the RV, but Bob is going to wait until he finds someone to help who might know what they’re doing (good idea).

Then we went golfing ($12 for both of us for 18 holes plus a pull cart!). We took Weebles, and just let him drag his leash along with him. We were all pretty pooped by the time we got done. Bob insists that if you take 6 strokes on a par 3 hole, that it’s not a “double par” (I got a lot of those!). He went over and took a shower, we had an Iowa strip steak, and he headed for bed at 6:15 (with the dog!). Guess it’s a lot harder to golf without a cart to ride in!

Will take off from here tomorrow for the 2-day trip to Midland, TX. (or 3 depending on the wind)...

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