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Went back to Casino and lost more money last night. Then walked up the hill in the dark to get a Maid-rite Basket – sure was good. Only luck we’ve had this trip was getting wi-fi for about 2 hours after we first got here. Then it shut off so I don’t know where we were getting it from, but it allowed us to get some stuff posted. We did see gas for $1.689 along the way, but of course we had already filled up for $2.01 !!


Went back and fed the machines some more this morning while Bob got the RV ready and aired up 2 tires. Drove for almost 5 hours today, and are camped at the south side of Topeka, KS. We cut across to St. Joseph so we didn't have to go through KC. Got gas for $1.699 and we averaged 6.27 mpg on the last tank. WOOHOOOO ! It's supposed to be around 27 degrees tonight. Brrr. We should make it to Guthrie, OK by tomorrow afternoon, where we'll stay at an RV park that sits in the middle of a 3-par golf course, and eat at a really good Mexican restaurant in Guthrie. Supposed to be in the 70's on Wednesday so we'll play a round before we head to Midland, TX on Thursday. It'll take a couple days to get there, and maybe more if the wind comes up. We'll take some pics on the golf course at Guthrie.

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