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I went for a morning surf today.

Em got herself ready.

When I got back Em was just about done so we went awandering around town again.

In the afternoon we headed on back to the hotel for an afternoon swim (Come on man we have 2 pools - both with bars! - and Em's never been to a pool bar before!). I only had 2 beers and Em only had juice (honest) as we got talking to a nice Aussie chap and a couple of Aussie grannies (who have been coming to this hotel for 8 years!) from Perth. All that talking (and listening!) made Em hungry and she decided to put a ghost of hers to bed by having a Tuna sandwich (her first real piece of fish action since South Africa!).

I didn't eat as I went out for an evening surf.

When I returned Em wasn't looking great.

It turns out that either she had got food poisoning again or that perhaps the fish may be off her menu permanently now!

So for the next 12 hours Em excorsised her demons.

I was on mop and airspray patrol.

Too much information?!?!? Hey you asked us to share, people!!!!

After finally getting to sleep at about 6am both of us were buggered.

To top it all off I was now coming down with the man flu, that or I'm allergic to Emma's vomit.

Not the best of days/nights.

Ho Hum.


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