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This is what they call a Yurt, it can house up to...

This is the Pacific Ocean from the Oregon coastline





Morning tea time


This is Steve's "blue-rinse" attempt at a photo that was rather drab



This is the "green rinse" look




Just a bit of a 'pea-soup' look


some of these redwoods are just so impressive



Just a bit big uh?



Big bugger on the side of the road




Guess what, here's some gum trees

Good visibility !!!

Day 213 Tuesday 11th November Redway CA pg 12 NF3

During the nite it started raining and it didn’t stop all day. It was hard driving for Steve, with wet roads, strong winds and very poor visibility, which was at times, anything from 200mts to ½ km.

We left the State Park at Bandon this morning and headed south along highway 101. It didn’t seem long at all before we’d left Oregon and were following the Californian coast. The coastline along this section of North America is quite rugged, the rocky outcrops and headlands are very jagged, and today especially, they were all leading down to a very angry sea, swirling at the bottom of the cliffs.

The weather was so bad we didn’t even take any walks in the forest areas or in the towns, luckily we have driven this section of the coastline some four years back and remember a lot of the points of interest. You will notice from our pictures today just how closed- in the weather really was.

One of the highlights today was driving thru the Redwood National Forest. Coastal Redwoods tower above all other trees, even the Giant Sequoias. The Coastal Redwood is the tallest tree in the world and is also the tallest living thing in the world. These Redwoods need plenty of rain and fog, and even the dense forest which all helps to support these tall trees. We had thought the sequoias were the biggest tree, but here are some stats:

Coastal Redwood Giant Sequoia

Height: 370 feet or more Height: 311 feet approx

Diameter: 22 feet Diameter: 40 feet

Age: more than 2000 yrs Age: more than 3,000 yrs

So as you see the Redwood is taller, the sequoia is fatter.

Our search for our final free camp spot was unsuccessful this evening, and we have come into a caravan park. Tomorrow we will be heading straight for Napa, yeah!!, it’s only around 160m or so away, so hopefully we’ll be there during the afternoon.

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