The Koios' Adventure around Australia 2008.... travel blog


Arthur's seat on Arthur's Seat


Joel with little Aboriginal kids - in stone

Josh and Joel with carvings

Josh found this little fella


Drove in here to the Mornington Peninsula. Went up to Arthur's seat and took a bit of a walk in a garden with some lovely sculptures of Aboriginal people in wood. Arthur's seat was pretty high - not great to take the van up - but once up we saw some great views of Melbourne. Could look out onto Bass Strait in the direction of Tasmania (which Joel has taken to calling Antartica for some unknown reason); could also see Mount Macedon and the Dandenongs.

Looking for a caravan park turned into a bit of a saga. Found a fantastic one, but the very few sites were taken up by Winnebagoes - even though it had lots of top facilities for kids. Then we found another with noone around to book us in. Then another with a grumpy lady and yucky sites and quite expensive. I resent $10 each extra for each kid - after all, they don't even use the water to shower every day! Then we found a caravan park with no caravan sites! Then we just thought we'd backtrack a bit and go to a Big 4. Took a lot of time and petrol, but this place is good. Others around are not too friendly - Stan reckons this place is the Townsville of Victoria - but the office people here are nice. Kids had a swim in the pool, we cooked up some flake, potatoes and salad. Josh got his Nintendo DS back today (ah, he says, all is right with the world). And we met two other WA families, about our age, with young kids, doing more or less what we are - had a really good chat. Are WA people on a particular wavelength do you think, or do we imagine it? Anyway, the kids are in bed - late, but that happens sometimes. Behaviour is getting better. I am going to crack a Strongbow. It's all good:)

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