Yesterday we went to a birthday party for Lina's niece. After a large meal consisting of:

fried chicken

stewed chicken

roasted pork


fruit salad


rice & bean salad


we rested momentarily, getting ready fot the cake-- not only was there cake there was also flan, ice cream, a lousious lime dessert,and an apple cobbler. Some how I managed to break all the promised to lose some weight by eating some of each dessert. if this trend continues. I'll need to stay in Brasil since the airplane seat will not fit my bod!!

Wouldn't have been so bad had we not gone to a Brasilian BBQ on Thursday. This BBQ is almost sinful. For 15 Reals ($7.00 US) there is a full salad bar and waiters with skewered of meats -- beef, pork, ckicken, beef tounge, beef heart,sausages, and sheep(which I won't eat). These waiters circulate without stopping until you give up. They all seem to win. Yes, I ate more than I should. can't use the excuse I was trying to get my moneys worth. That was done at the salad bar alone.

Need to tell you about another experience. Last July(08) I spent $200.00 to have a front tooth filled by my regular dentist in CA. Also had a checkup to make sure all was well before coming to Brasil. As luck would have it, that little more than one year old filling decided to fall out. Not wanting to have dental work done here, I said nothing to Lina about the loss -- I'm a tough old coot-- I can wait until we get back to the USA. Right--on the 4th day the tooth became cold sensative. To survive here I need copious amounts of cold water-- Thus I went crying to Lina. Lina said to stop crying. Her sister is a retired dentist and she can fix it. Her sister could not fix it because she had sold all her supplies and tools. Before this segement turns into a book-- less than 24 hours after mentioning this loss to Lina my tooth was repaired by a Brasilian dentist using the same tools and techniques as the Ca dentist. The difference:

I did not have to wait a month for an appointment

this dentist was able to fill the tooth without taking a full bite-wing xray. She was able spend enough time to make sure flossing could be done with shredding the floss.

She did not need enough payment to pay off her college loan,send a family member to college, or buy a Porche.

Total cost $33.00 Anyone want to bet this filling will last longer than a year?

I not finding the time I should to learn the Portuguese language.. Need to upgrade my priorities

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