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A little hang out area in the hostel

The Mosque at the end of the road. Really pretty....but really F'ing...

An amazing office block building by our hostel. It looked like something...

We had to check out of Sleepy Sams today as we have a flight booked tonight for Jakarta.

We had a last wonder around the markets and went to the post office to send a few more bits and bobs home then basically hung out at the hostel (while it rained again!) until we had to leave for the airport.

Although we were staying in a dorm Sleepy Sams was REALLY cool, and relaxing, and clean, so we're a bit boo'ed off about leaving but alas it's time to move on....

Arrived in Jakarta around 10pm got a cab straight to the hotel (we opted for safety and an Ibis hotel on the outskirts of the city!), ordered some dinner and went to bed!


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