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Today we decided to go on a sight seeing tour, the ones where you can jump on and off if anything takes your fancy!

We set out to find the place where you get the tickets for the tour when the heavens opened! When it rains it rains here! And we were stuck under a shop front for about 30 mins untill it eased off a bit.

We found the place and got our tickets and decided to do the city tour (there are 3 different busses you can get on)

Singapore is a really pretty city :) The air is clean and there's loads of trees/plants so it doesn't seem like a city at all really! We decided not to get off anywhere as the weather was still pretty rubbish and nothing really took our fancy (although the Opera House and Botanical Gardens did look cool), again not THAT much to do here like KL.

The trip took an hour then dropped us back off and we decided to get on another one that took you on a different route to places like little India and China town.

After that we found an Outback Restaurant which I (Em!) was very excited about! In honour of you Gemma I got our usual and only eat half! Took the rest home for later though yuuum!

That evening Ozz went to watch Spurs vs Liverpool with Neil and I decided to give it a miss and hang out at the hostel and to be fair there was no way I was waiting up as the game didn't kick off til 2 am or something silly!

Singapore is a nice place but again like most city's there is not that much to do that you haven't already done somewhere else!

I'd like to add it was a wicked game but it was GBP 8.00 a pint!!!!

Thank Christ we won!

Oh and we forgot our camera for the sightseeing tour so no photo's of that. Sorry!!


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