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Jim L. modeling at the Molly Brown House Museum

We had a visitor to our campsite. We believe this bird to...

Looking up into the dome at the Colorado state capitol

Looking down through the center of the capitol

View from the dome

another view from the dome

State Capitol will beautiful fall colors

Molly Brown House Museum

On October 13, we moved back north to St. Vrain State Park. Jim's first appointment with the dermatology specialist was on the 14th. The procedure he was to have is calls a MOHS microsurgery, this was done on October 21. Basically, the way this worked was the surgeon removed a layer of skin, sent Jim to a waiting area and examined the skin under a microscope to be sure all the carcinoma was removed. Jim was taken back in to have more skin removed. The second piece of skin was examined under the microscope and when the doctor was sure all the carcinoma was removed, he was stitched up and sent home.

During the week between Jim's two doctor's appointments, we took the opportunity to visit a couple of tourist attractions in Denver that we've been wanting to see. We visited the state capitol building and the Molly Brown House Museum. We were disappointed that photos weren't allowed in the Molly Brown House.

Sadly, on October 15 we received a call from Jim's brother, Bob, letting us know that their sister, Shirley, who has been fighting cancer for 12 years was not doing well and was not expected to live long. After much deliberation, we decided to stick with Jim's schedule for his hand and head for California as soon as possible after his procedure. So, on October 21, after Jim left the doctor's office we put the 5th wheel in storage, packed up the truck and headed for California, still hoping to perhaps see Shirley one more time.

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