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Fortescue Falls

Joffre Falls

Where the Four Gorges meet

Pretty Karijini

Douglas sped off without me!!

After days of seeing nothing more exciting than spinifex we drove to Karijini National Park on Friday. It was well worth the detour as it housed some truly spectacular scenery. We stopped at the Visitor Centre to check road conditions were ok for our poor old car and then drove out to Dales Gorge which was spectacular and was finished with a perfect waterfall at one end called Fortescue Falls. The water had eroded the red rock into perfect blocks which made climbing down to the plunge pool very easy. We had a swim there to cool off then walked back up the gorge.

We drove on to Joffre Falls which sadly had no water in them. However water marks showed where the falls ran and it was still an amazing sight, one which all the guidebooks love!

Finally we went to the Four Gorges Area where Joffre, Red, Weano, and Hancock Gorges meet at a place called Oxer's Lookout. It was a stunning sight, more interesting than Katherine Gorge and we agreed even more beautiful than the Grand Canyon.

Unfortunately we had to stay in Tom Price a small mining town just outside the Park and, just our luck, holding a mining conference which had booked out all the accommodation for two weeks. We had to pay an exorbitant $80 for a backpacker room which had four bunks in it to keep it private, and it was literally a tin shack. A bad end to an otherwise great day.

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