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During a power cut

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We have now just completed our sixth week of work. Like working in the UK you get into a daily routine and days just merge into each other. We thought we’d share some with you…

1) News quiz

Listening to the world service you occasionally get information about the UK. It’s mainly world news and is being dominated by the global credit crunch and the American election. Then on Saturday morning I turn on the radio and hear them talking about Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand. It seems a bit odd that this was headline news in the UK when there is fighting in Eastern Congo, bombs in India and a landmark slavery court case in Niger.

2) Foaming Toilet

A few weeks ago we had no running water for 3 days. There are four huge barrels in our flat which are filled with water. We use these when the mains water stops. By the third day when the power was off as well I started to feel a little vulnerable. There was no need for me to feel like this. We are in the capital city and there are bottles of water everywhere which we could buy if we needed. It is surprising how you can economise though. We could clean our teeth with half a glass of water. The main problem though was washing. We are just about getting the knack of hand washing our clothes but are undoubtedly using more water than we should. Usually we soak our clothes in soapy water before we actually wash them. We had set this up before the running water disappeared. This meant that we had a bowl of water just waiting to be re-used. By day three and with stocks running low I put this water into the toilet cistern so we could flush the toilet. Unfortunately, I did not think about the water having soap in. When I flushed the toilet bubbles started forming and moving up the toilet bowl. No! If I flood the bathroom how am I going to clean it up with no running water! Luckily the flush finished and the bubbles subsided just before reaching the rim.

3) School

I had quite a week at school. I had my first real challenge of trying to control a class of 13 and 14 year olds. They just would not stop talking. The lesson was two hours on one subject which I think was too long and by the end I was disheartened and exhausted. I told my headmistress about it and she said that she would tell them off the next day. The next day I did not have that class again and the teaching of the other classes went well so my teaching energy was gradually returning. Then at lunchtime I received 20 apology letters from my ‘talking’ class. It cheered me up no end and I was back on a high about teaching. Let’s hope my class management is better next week!

I also took some class photos this week. A carol concert is planned for sometime in December and the parents will be offered the class of buying one of these photos. I have attached some of them to the blog.

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