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Mount Christina

Red tussocks

The Kingston Flyer

Depart Milford Sound: 3676 km (10.00)

Our sleep last night was disrupted only with the Tui that started whistling around 6am! Nick eventually managed to get back to sleep, but I couldn't and eventually read in the half light.

We got up at 08.30 and were once again on the road by 10.00. This time we did make it all the way to Te Anau. We stopped again a few times for photos, although we were plagued again by some morning mist. Actually at one point that played to our advantage as we were honoured by an amazing view of the road ahead, surrounded by woodland that rose up towards the clouds. Then as your eyes followed the clouds high into what your mind told you must be the sky, suddenly coming through the mist were snow covered mountain peaks. It was quite surreal and really beautiful.

We went through the tunnel for the fourth time, amazingly managing to avoid meeting a coach in there at any time (phew).

A new addition to the scenery from the way out was a car that had managed to park itself nose first into the ditch! Looked like a rental too. Ouch!

We stopped briefly in Te Anua to get fuel (close call), post my post cards and get some water in the supermarket. Nick said he didn't think much of Te Anau as we left. I don't think we gave it much of a chance, but no, given the number of shops that were there, there didn't seem to be anything there. No character and hardly anyone about either.

We made good pace from Te Anau back to Queenstown (Frankton actually) although the fuel gauge dropped below empty for the second time in a day. We shall definitely fill up tomorrow because they've just reduced the cost (the BP up the road is selling diesel for 138.9 cents a litre!).

Next stop was the supermarket and then finally onto our motor park on the lake front at Frankton. Sadly, it's another dump. Won't stop long.

They do have an internet kiosk on the site somewhere, and Nick asked the guy when we checked in if he had wifi...”wossat?” was the response :o)

Bacon and eggs for dinner. Just fed the ducks and enjoying a glass of wine now before the sun goes down.

Going to nurse my 4 sand-fly bites now :o(

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