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Oooooold buffalo

Suddenly, giraffes! Hundreds of them!

Waterbuck! Their horns were wicked, mate

Look dad, we caught a person!


Murchison Falls, names after the famous explorer, Mr. Murchison Falls.

Sup warthogs?

Yeah, that's closeish to Australia's shape I reckon

Antelope, which our guide said were really dumb, but great posers!

It's like the Lion King, except with a road!

Another type of antelope, sort of like an African Bambi

Nature Fight!

Buffalo chillin' with his bird

FACT: Male giraffes' spots go alot darker than the females' as they...

This giraffe was so nice to line itself up like that for...

Baboon found with human skin 3 days later...

Hungry hungry hippo!

Nom nom nom, delicious grass!

What a non-conformist cactus.

Bee-eaters making holes in a cliff!

Flock of some african bird thing...

Watchoo lookin' at boi?

Bridge Churchill funded but got washed away in big floods.


Me some more!

Suspended water!

This danish woman was sooooooo cute! ^_^

At the local informative museum.... beer posters!

Monkeys on the backpackers roof! ^____^

Biiiig straw hut, biggest in the world actually. Some local kings are...

Royal fireplace that would be kept continuously burning until the king died.

Typical Kampala street, so much fun navigating them!

Taxi Sea at Kampala.

I loooove the signs they have in shops here!


Milk tea partner.

Mmmmm milktea stuff...

Dudes having tea and food!

Jambo everybody!

Hope you're all having a great time back home! These past few weeks have been pretty jam-packed for me, but first of YAAAAAAAAY! I've FINALLY got a host family (possibly temporarily, but I'll be moving to another one close by if I DO change again) annnnnd I've got a placement, not at the Children's Hospital as I had originally thought but at a local private medical clinic that specialises in HIV/AIDS treatment and counselling. They've just constructed a new rehabilitation centre for kids who have stage 4 HIV, and they'll be opening it a couple of days before I get back from Kenya (heading off there from tomorrow until next Saturday to go have a look at the other programs WYI has already got setup over there for volunteers), so I'll be the very first volunteer who'll get to work there. I can't wait to start, it's taken a while for me to actually get the placement that I came here for, but hopefully it means it will be easier for the vollies coming here after me to get one too!

Most of the piccies I've put up on here (all scaled down so they wouldn't take a week to put up here) are from the safari we went on to Murchison Falls National Park last weekend. It was AMAZING, I stayed up most of the first night listening to the warthogs and hippos that stroll through at night. We had to wake up BEFORE the sun was up (UGGGGGGGGGH), but it was definitely worth it, 4 hours of driving through a scene that could have easily been from the Lion King in RealVision. I'm so very glad I brought the big cam with me, the zoom came in handy more times than I can count!

Anyway, weekend before that me and the other volunteers went out to Kampala to see what the local nightlife was like, it was so much fun! NONE of the women back home can complain about having a big bum to me, it's a comical complaint when compared to the women there. A fair few of the local guys introduced themselves simply as "Gangsters", first name "A", so I was shocked to find out most of them didn't really know how to dance like one. A little later in the evening I tried to show them how to (TRIED being the key word there), which was probably qa bit stupid in a club where there was only 3 other white people :P Either way, I had a great time out there, but Jinja is definitely better off if you want to just relax.

I've been spending the past couple of weeks trying to get the host family and placement sorted, so I haven't been out to Buwaiswa, but James and Kyla had their last day there today, so we had a party for all the kids, with games like pass-the-parcel, pin-the-skull-on-the-skeleton (we just used an old anatomy poster as we couldn't find any donkeys or elephants and a pinata which promptly fell off the string, still intact, so we just tore it open for the screaming kids. We bought sooo much food to feed everyone, the grannies were cooking all day for us and we had an absolute FEAST that night! The kids had an absolute ball, we found out afterward that they'd never had any kind of celebration for themselves, no birthdays, Xmas', anything! It made us all the happier afterwards finding it out, the girls had a bit of a bawl before saying goodbye to the kids for the last time. I've finished with construction out there, but I'll drop by before I leave to check up on them and see how they're going! :)

Some of the locals are going to take us out and show us the town tonight, so I'll let you know how it goes!

Hope you're having fun back home, keep me updated on what's happening back there!

Love love!

PS. Giraffes are now DEFINITELY my favourite safari animal!

PPS. MUM! Can you email me everyone's shoe sizes?! Thanks!

PPPS. Not everyones! Just you and the girls! I already know dad's! Thanksx2

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