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Entryway to one of the pavilions

The pavilion is called Moon Locking Pavilion

Looking into a small courtyard with its hand-laid tiles

We had another rain-free day but cold day here in Portland. The trees are turning color and quickly losing their leaves. Although very pretty to watch, to us, this means that it is time for us to start heading south before the real rain and cold sets in. Out workamping job ends next week – just in time.

This week we took a bus back into Portland one final time to tour the Chinese Gardens and the Portland Art Museum using the free passes from the library.

There was a special photograph exhibit on the Columbia River Gorge in the Portland Art Museum. The exhibit featured photos from the late 1800s to present day. It gave us a chance to see the part of the gorge area that we did not visit.

In the afternoon when the temperature warmed up a bit, we toured the Chinese Gardens. Unlike the Japanese Gardens which are located in the hills above Portland within a rather wealthy residential area, the Chinese Gardens are located in the heart of Portland in the once-vibrant Chinatown. The gardens take up one-square block and every inch of the gardens is beautifully landscaped. Like the Japanese Gardens, a classical Chinese garden has elements of plants, stone and water in the design but also adds architecture and poetry into the mix. Thus, you’ll see more buildings or pavilions in a Chinese Garden and it has a completely different feel to it. Almost everything in the gardens, the rock, granite and wood, was shipped in from China. Artisans from China lived in Portland for about 2 years to construct all the buildings, pavilions and walkways using traditional methods. The buildings are so finely crafted that no nails were used. It is hard to believe that it costs $12 million dollars to construct the gardens. I forgot to ask how the money was raised.

After our visit, we took the bus back home where we relaxed with a cup of tea and did some reading. Another tough day!

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