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Backyard of Aaron's new place


Living Room

Living Room

Larry carving pumpkins


All carved!

With candles

Ready for Hallowe'en at the office

Aaron's studio all set up

Room 2

Beer chilling before the housewarming

Juan Guzman's house

Da boys pre-party - Aaron, Frankie, Cam

Ready for the Canucks game

We had a leak around the door somewhere.

Group shot of the recipients of the Order of White Rock awards.

Dinner before everyone dove in!

Larry making Yorkshires

Frank's birthday cake

Yes, we are still in South Surrey. Larry has basically gone back to work as he had a lot of business to look after. We also will close on the two condos this week so we had to be here for that. It looks like, IF we go south at all, it won't be until the end of January or possibly February. We will be spending Christmas in Sechelt. Maureen has been spending time mostly in the RV, taking walks, reading, playing on the computer, buying and wrapping all the Christmas presents (before the end of November), writing cards, etc. We have also begun the rounds of Christmas Open Houses and lunches.

On October 21, Kelly was here for a stomach test and was back on the 27th for the results. He will be here in mid-January for two days of tests. His original stomach surgery he had years ago did not work properly so the idea now is to see if it can be re-done.

On October 25, Maureen went to the Oktoberfest Party at the RV Park. The food was great. All the wonderful comfort foods associated with Oktoberfest. Larry was invited the same night to the Telus box at GM Place for a Canucks game.

The week of October 27, Aaron moved into his new digs with two friends, Cam and Frankie. They are in a five bedroom, two storey house on 176th Street. Aaron has his studio fully set up again and is getting lots of recording work. The boys have found they can have parties whenever they want, with the loudest music, and there are no complaints from the neighbours or visits from the police.

Larry carved pumpkins for our site and we had candy ready - sadly, we had to eat it all because no one came! Larry dressed up for a Halloween lunch at the office. We went to Semiahmoo Shopping Centre and watched 1500 kids come by for trick or treat. Maureen attended a Red Hat luncheon at the Pantry.

On November 3, Maureen helped out with a tea for Mary Wade Anderson who was running for Council in White Rock (she was successful in being elected). On November 6 we went to the Mongolie Grill in Langley with Jag and Rupi. That was a new experience for us and one we will probably do again. On November 8 we went to the Canucks game with tickets generously given to us.

There had been a lot of rain this week and we discovered wet carpet by our front door. Larry took a lot of the inside apart but could not locate the specific leak. So he caulked all around the outside of the door and that seems to have fixed it. Leaks are a very bad thing in an RV - a prolonged leak can rot walls and floors, not to mention the development of mould.

Larry went to Sechelt for three days on the 18th to help Kelly get another job. He is no longer with Source for Sports. He has now registered for the first level of training to become an insurance agent. There is apparently an availability of these jobs in Sechelt. He will be at SFU Harbour Centre from Dec 15-19.

On November 28 Maureen attended the ceremony for the awarding of this year's Order of White Rock designations. She knew several of those receiving those awards.

The PCS Christmas Party was held on November 30 at the Casino in Langley. We stayed overnight at the hotel there. A great time was had by all! On December 6, there was a BBQ lunch at our condo complex. It's shaping up really nice. The Clubhouse in the centre is enormous, with a theatre room, library, meeting room, daycare, exercise room, etc. with a small swimming pool and hot tub outside.

On December 7 we were invited to Aaron, Frankie and Cam's for dinner. There was 14 of us for dinner. It was a nice opportunity for everyone to meet the families. Aaron cooked a roast and chicken and made mashed potatoes. Several of us brought different salads and Larry made 36 Yorkshire puddings his largest batch yet. Then there was a big ice cream cake for Frankie's birthday. A great group of people!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas with a New Year that is, if not prosperous, at least breaking even! We wish you the best of health and happiness regardless!

Larry and Maureen

PS To those who have been able to go south already, we no longer want to have regular reports on the temperature!

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