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Kitted out and ready for a bit of pum's cooking class

Our little teacher lady....she was wery sweet but wery shy....bless!

Lesson number 1....smashing stuff in a pot!

That I CAN do!

Me and Aussy girl mashing it up!

Ozz and Tracy

I started off with the pestle but after a while I just...

Pums cooking class of 08

Tracy seems to have lost interest!

Em cooking up a bit of Thai green curry

Em decides to stirr things up as per usual!!! Boom Boom!!!

Look at that!

Me working on my green curry

My Thai Grren Curry. That or a cow's just thrown up in...

TA DAAAAAAAAAAA....Em's Tom Yum Gai, delish!

My fish cakes

I am not gigantor I swear she was tiiiiiiiny!

A bit of satay chicken action

Look at the concentration!

Em some how managed to set a glass on fire!......and it was...

Satay chicken

Ozz's fish cakes

Charlie making his Mango Rica pudding (which was super delish!)

It didn't last long!

The lady from Pums cooking school....she say yes!

Kyle and Kate

Kyle Kate n Me!

Today we decided to move hotels as we were quite far away from the main town, well not so much far but high up the mountain! We got a tuk tuk down to where we dropped off Kyle and Kate (the people that we met on the bus from Ko Samui) at the Aloha hotel as that seemed quite nice and reasonably priced.

We went in to see if they had any rooms and bumped into themKyle & kate in the reception area, we had already booked up a cooking class at 4pm that afternoon so arranged to met up with them after that for a drink (at about 8pm).

We arrived at Pums Cooking School at 4pm for our 4 hour Thai cooking course which involved picking and cooking 3 dishes each.

I picked Chicken Satay, Tom Yum Gai and green Curry, Ozz picked Fish cakes, Beef noodles and also green curry.

There was 5 of us in our class, An american couple called Tracy and Charlie and an Australian girl called Katlyn (we think!?)

So we started off by going through and tasting all the different vegetables, herbs and sauces usually used in Thai cooking.

Then we all got up and and mashed up some red and green curry paste (using a pestle and mortar!) which is used in most of the dishes.

After that we went up in two's depending on the dish you chose and both cooked a dish.

It worked out really well as when you had cooked your meal you sat and eat while the next 2 people were cooking so it was a really nice set up.

All the food we cooked was delish! but we must admit the real triumph of the day was Charlie's Sticky Mango Rice which was we all tucked in to that!

After the class had finished we all stayed at our table and had a drink and chatted for long in fact that we had totally lost track of time and forgotten about Kyle and Kate! So we dashed back to the hotel at around 9.30pm and went up and gave them a knock to see if they were still in...and they were so we all decided to go for a drink in a.....................Australian bar.

We had a really cool night and somehow before we knew it it was idea how that happened and bearing in mind we had a 7am pick up to get the ferry to Kho Phi Phi the next morning we decided to just stay awake or we would probably not wake up!

Kyle and Kate were also getting the ferry over to Phi Phi but they had the 2pm ferry in the afternoon. Swines! Grrrrr!!

A really long day but the cooking class was fantastic, We will defo be trying a few recipies out when we get home.


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