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Hello, Bolivian styleeee.

Shopping in sunny Santa Cruz

So, we survived the death train, just. Arriving in Santa Cruz was a huge relief after such a wierd journey. Arriving at the train station, we hopped in a cab with our new found travelling companions (1 kiwi, 1 aussie, 1 Isreali, and 1 Portuguese fella) and promptly checked into a nice little hostel in the centre of town. Santa Cruz is really cool, lots of markets, wierd food, and loads of shops selling anything fronm underpants to 9mm pistol holsters!! We were only there for a night and a whole day but got to see most of the central attractions. After a night out in an Irish bar (yes, I did say Irish bar) we retired back to the hostel. The next day was spent doing much the same, and then eventually we hailed a cab to take us to the bus station for our next stop, La Paz. Now, nothing strange about that I hear you say. Apart from when I (sam) got in the cab, the speedo, fuel gauge, rev counter etc were all in font of me, and the steering wheel and pedals were in front of the driver. Slightly worrying. Anyhoo, he pulled off and proceeded play us the eight different tunes that his horn could play, whilst demonstrating a tounge action which he claimed to, `please the chicky chicky`s`. Suffice to say it was a very funny cab ride. So we stocked up on food and drink, hopped on a bus for yet another 18 hours to La Paz. The highest city in the world.

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