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Our mountain pool! Chaweng (Ko Samui) in the background

View from pool again!

I knew that beard would come in handy somewhere!!!

Em's hands turned black with frost bite!

Diggins those socks 'n' sandals man!!!!

This girl was like this when we got in there till we...

A Polar Bear

It was a nice suprise for Em to find out her ice...

Except of course she burnt her mouth....

Em just hanging waiting for a cool dude to skate by. Ok...

You get the picture right!?!?!!!

Em got the wrong end of the stick when I gave her...

Us in a nice ice Tuk Tuk!

Us behind the ice bar.....

Can't argue with that.

We got a ferry over from Ko Phangan to Ko Samui at about lunchtime today.

The full moon party was wicked and everything but the place is getting really Westenised so we weren't THAT sad to be leaving. Especially from the GBP 45.00 a night hut!!!

Our hotel/bungalow in Ko Samui was ok but was on a hill about 2 minutes on a scooter out off the main strip of bars and stuff. Not a major problem except for the fact the pool (which looked really cool in the photos on t'internet) was up a path straight from Everest training camp!!

(We worked out by the second day that a scooter would just about make it up there so that saved us killing ourselves everyday!!)

Opposite this place we noticed the 'world famous' Ko Samui Ice Bar (anyone else heard of it!?!?!) so we had to do the honours on the way out that evening.

It was really cool. literally. but we only stayed there for about 20 minutes as my cock...tail started to freeze.

We headed on into the main strip for some fud and drinks after that and it really was totally cheesetastic. Every other shop was either a suit or massage which heckled you when you went past! We had some food and a couple of drinks and then called it a semi-early night.


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