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Our roof pool in Bangkok.....very nice!

Koh San Road




















For the main event, Em went for the blue 'Thong' whereas I...




















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We moved from our hotel today to a different one up on Koh San road as we will be getting a bus from here when we leave Bangkok.

We found a really nice place (with a roof top pool, man!!) for about GBP12.00 so we were happy with that.

Again mainly hung out around Koh San road and around the pool, which was nice!

In the evening We headed on over to Lumphini Night market which was absolutely mahoosive.

We has a mooch around there and got something to eat.......and then the heavens opened!!

It absolutely crapped it down for ages after that and all the market and roads started to flood!

We left here by taxi boat (joking!) to the stadium next door to go and wath some Muay Thai fighting (When in Bangkok I guess!). I really wanted to go but Em wasn't THAT keen.

The ringside seats were 2,000 baht (GBP 34!!!) but I haggled her down to 1,600 Baht - still GBP 50 for the both of us though!!!

It wasn't the busiest of nights but there was still a good atmosphere in there and after a couple of beers everyone was shouting and cheering!

Most of the fighters got into the ring and did a dance thing to their gods or something, but occasionally you'd get a fighter that would just stand there and wait for them to finish. We liked that so we always bet on them ones!!!

It was really cool and quite brutal and towards the end Em was even calling for some blood (she actually did!!!!).

It was an amazing night, wet, but amazing.

Totally overpriced mind, but what can you do. Very glad we went anyway.

I may take up Muay Thai when I get back.......

Sorry, there are loads of pics.....can't be bothered to go through them all!!!!


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