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Ultravilot image at the half moon party

Another cool image

Another image

The dj booth was interestingly decorated

Decoration on a tree

I would have liked to have seen a room without air!

The heart of Haad Rin (sort of)

Sunrise beach in the daytime

Goodbye Koh Phangan

I came back to Koh Phangan and checked into Coral Bungalows again. After Koh Tao and hanging round with the English girls I really did not want to meet anymore new people and was pretty resolved to have a quiet ones for my last couple of nights on the island. Over the past couple of months in Thailand I had met so many good people and there had been so many amazing parties even I was getting fazed out. It was time to leave.

Mind you though there was a pool party on the night I got back to Coal Bungalows. I was a little tempted and did try to go down there in the end and make something of it but it really didn’t work out. At all. I only got chatting to a couple of people (admittedly I did not make a massive amount of effort) and ended up having this very disturbing conversation with this English guy. He was telling me about two nights out he had on the beach where one night he brought back two ladyboys and then proceeded to tell me all the details of that and then on the second night brought back a teenager (he was probably about 20 himself). Mind you though he said “I think it was her first time as I made her bleed” and then laughed afterwards! I wanted to hit him, but that would not have actually achieved anything. I gave up and went to bed soon after.

The next day was the night of a half moon party which I grudgingly went along too. I still wasn’t in the mood for meeting people though. It was an ok night and I got chatting to a few random Thai people but I was back in my bed by 3am – definitely an early night for me!!

The next day was my last on Koh Phangan and I spent it doing my favourite things (asides from partying). I spent quite a while in the pool. I ordered a cocktail while sitting on one of the sunloungers and watched the sea. I went down to sunrise beach and admired its beauty one last time. I wandered round Haad Rin and remembered all of the good times I had had in the bars and restaurants there. Perhaps I was getting too sentimental about the whole place! I do love it there though.

Finally it was Sunday and I was up early to get the shared taxi to get the boat. There was a little drama on the way as our luggage was put on the roof of the vehicle and then there was a heavy rainstorm so everything got soaking wet. Nice. Even so I was very sad to leave Koh Phangan for the last time. I had had so many good times there and met so many good (if drunk) people. But then it was difficult to be sad as the weather cleared up and the sun shone on the crystal clear waters once more and the islands were picked out in their uniquely tropical glory. I vowed definitely to return someday.

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