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Along the coast of Koh Phangan

A remote beach

A nice image

Rocks and sand

Axel down the beach

Axel communicated with the "orange" dog

The bar we were at on the beach

Alica as dawn was breaking

Me in the dawn light

Alira in my spare bed

The next night - down the beach and a random German guy...

Katy & Jo on the beach

Katy, Lucie, Jo & Me on the beach

The girls singing in the art shop

Some very random art

Art in the art shop

Alira dancing on the ngiht of the pool party

Lauren & Lucie at the pool party

Katy & Jo at the pool party

Emma & Nicola at the pool party

The pool wasnt really busy - but I still jumped in for...

Night of the Half Moon Party - the group in the hostel

At the Half Moon Party

Nicola and Lauren at the Half Moon Party

Dawn begins to break at the Half Moon Party

Emma, Lauren & Katy at the Half Moon Party

Some random I met

The morning after the Full Moon Party I was in a bad way. The constant drinking had taken its toll and I spent the entire day with a massive alcohol comedown, feeling thoroughly depressed and miserable. Everyone I knew had left, although Coral Bungalows was still full of Irish people who I could not really connect with for some reason. The weather was beautiful and I managed for force myself to leave the room for a while and chill by the pool. The evening was very quiet and I did have just a couple of beers to stop the alcohol comedown from being so severe as I watched films in the bar area.

The following day, Monday, I was feeling a lot more on form, but was still a bit out of sorts. Annoyingly the Irish group was still hanging around and besides I wasnt feeling very socialable, so I ended up chilling by myself again by the pool and watched the sunset from the sunloungers. It was another quiet evening.

The following day the dynamic of the hostel changed round a bit with quite a few people leaving and some new people coming in. I jumped into the pool for a while and ended up chatting to an Israeli girl called Hagra. She didnt seem to be into drinking or partying though and so I ended up having another quiet movie night at Coral.

Wednesday then came and by this point I had sort of detoxed for a few days and was definitely up for a party. I met Hagra in the pool again and chatted to her for a couple of hours but it was obvious that she would not be up for going down the beach later on and she actually ended up heading off to the cinema. I stuck around Coral hoping to meet some others who would be up for a party but that night there happened to be a staff party and the Coral staff, family and friends took up most of the restaurant area. Soon they started playing dodgy Thai music and I started to feel an urgent need to get out of there.

Most of the Westeners had cleared off but I saw a group of three guys playing cards and so I went over and joined them. (This turned to be the start of a long series of events that would see me through into the following week, but I digress.) They turned out to be two Israeli guys and one French guy and after playing card games with them for a while the French guy, Axel, started talking about going down the beach and doing some mushrooms. The two Israeli guys were not too keen and headed off to their room to get changed for the night ahead and drink some booze there as it was cheaper then down the beach, so I ended up playing pool with Axel on the broken pool table, listening to the dodgy Thai music and having him suggesting again doing some mushrooms. Naturally I caved in pretty quickly and soon we were up at Mellow Mountain doing half a shake each (I had told him how strong they were so we didnt do a full one) and then back down at the chilled out bar just along the beach where I had been before with the Scottish group and then again with Layla.

I was in a funny mood for some reason; I think that even though I wanted to party I had had enough of meeting random people and wanted to be with friends or at least with people who had known me for a while. Anyway the trip was naturally very good still as the mushrooms were so strong and Axel thought it was amazing, however I could not help but compare it to trips in the past and start to become reflective of what I was doing there on that beach and where I was heading with my life. Despite this though it was still highly amusing as the coloured lights from the beach bars and restaurants for me became shooting lazers across the sky and then there was some of the funny stuff that Axel was up too. At one point he went off to the loo and ended up hugging a coconut palm for a while, which he happened to pass by. Then later on a orange dog (Im sure it was not really orange but there was definitely a dog) came along and Axel started "connecting" with the dog by holding his hand over the dogs head and feeling its energy! The orange dog looked a little bored; im sure it was very used to messed up people from living on this beach and just wanted some love.

At around 3am Axel headed on home as he was leaving later that morning for Bangkok but it was too early for me to go home so I looked down the beach to the lights and madness of Drop In bar and decided to wander down to it and see what it would be like while still slightly under the infulence of mushrooms. It turned out to be a great idea. I was sort of floating around all these really drunk people and I think because of mushrooms I decided to become a bit of a good samaritan and went around buying water for some of the really drunk people lying in the sand and also helping one girl who fell off the table that she was dancing on (she was already completely covered in sand so clearly it was not the first time she had fallen off).

I also met a load of random people. First there was this Russian girl, then an Irish girl, then a Norwegian guy, but after a while everyone was heading on home. I decided to dance around Zoom bar (the bar beside Drop In bar which played hard house) for a while despite the fact that there was virtually no-one there, but it was there that I met Alira.

Alira was in a pretty poor way. She was hammered, had ripped her skirt somehow, had lost her bag and had broken one of her shoes! Continuing with my good smaritan thing I stayed with her for a while making sure she was ok and we danced until dawn together. I got very excited about the sunrise colours (the mushrooms were still lurking in the back of my subconsious somewhere) and Alira was wondering about where her bag was. Eventually we ended up going on a bag hunt to try and find it but after scouring the entire beach, chatting to a load of randoms (Alira was going up to random girls and asking them "Have you seen my bag?" as though they might actually know!) and asking in many bars we came up empty handed.

By now it was about 7 am and properly dawn. It was time to go home and I asked Alira where she lived so that I could walk her back. Of course she couldnt remember, despite my asking her about 15 times and was actually considering sleeping on the beach! She did know though that it was about 3 miles away and so not very close. I ended up taking her back to mine and gave her my spare bed. She ended up falling asleep with an unlit fag in her mouth! Bless.

At about midday we were awake and headed back into Haad Rin to try and find her bag again as her bag contained her scooter key. It was a hot day with the sun beating down from a cloudless sky and soon we were sweating as we wandered along the beach. Amusingly Alira was still wearing her ripped, dirty skirt and was stumbling along, so it was blatently obvious that she had not been home yet and was very hung over in comparison to the people in bikinis and general swimwear sunbathing on the beach.

We had no success on the bag front but did meet a girl who had a bag knicked (Alira was asking randoms again if anyone had seen her bag!) and one guy who was looking very depressed. We were sitting in the shade by a small shop on the beach and there was this guy sitting beside us with just a towel around his waist. Alira got chatting to him and it turned out that he had fallen asleep on the sand last night and then woken up to find himself just wearing his boxers - someone had knicked his shorts!! He did remember meeting a girl but was not sure if things had progressed far enough for him to be taking his shorts off, or if he had fallen asleep and then someone had stripped him! It really was a disaster for him though as his scooter key, wallet, all of his bank and credit cards, over one hundred pounds worth of Thai Baht, room key, mobile phone and camera were in those shorts. He was staying on the other side of the island, had no money, no means of getting any money, could not use his scooter to get anywhere and could not get into his room even if he did make it to the other side of the island! What a total nightmare. Apparently an Israeli couple had loaned him a towel since he was wandering around in his boxers and he was trying to work out what to do. I bought him a bottle of water.

Eventually Alira gave up on her bag and I headed back to my place and paid a scooter driver to take her back to hers. I met up with her a few hours later on by the pool though and she recounted what had happened to her in the interviening time. Apparently she had gone back to her place, told them where her scooter was (we had wandered around most of Haad Rin earlier as well trying to find where she had parked it) and they had come out and picked it up in the back of a pick up truck. When they arrived back at her accommodation though they discovered that they had taken the wrong scooter! Also they had managed to damage slightly the one that they had taken! They took it back and then drove around Haad Rin trying to find her scooter, which they eventually found. Also it turned out that Alira's bag was actually back in her room all along!

While Alira was there Sean came over, a guy who had been hanging around the hostel for a couple of weeks as well and although we clearly had little in common, our long stay had eventually led to a casual acquaintance. We headed off to his room for a bit of a smoke and Sean told us about his mate who was then over on the island of Koh Samui facing a drugs charge. What had happened was he was searched by police and they discovered a small quantity of weed on him. Rather then going down the bribery route though (standard bribe was 40,000 Baht, about 750 quid) they actually arrested him and processed him and forced him to attend court on Koh Samui. His friend posted bail of 40,000 Baht, which was handy for him as being arrested he could not access a bank to take any money out. Also it was convenient that his friend had over 1,000 pounds in travellers cheques as naturally you can only take out 250 quid maxium from a cash point in any one day. Anyway he came back from Koh Samui while we were in the room and said that the fine was only 3,000 Baht but he still had to pick up his bail money and one of the police officers had helped him with what to say in court and so clearly would be expecting a chunk of that bail money. He didnt really care by this point though as he was now free and not in Thai prison!!

Alira headed back to hers to get changed and we arranged to meet ourside of Coral Bungalows at 12 and she would give me a ride down to the beach on her scooter. I waited until 12.30 and Alira did not turn up, so feeling a little miffed I walked down to the beach (I later found out that she had falled asleep for a nap and didnt wake up until 3am). At first I was not too enthusiastic about being back down the beach after such a heavy night the previous night and having to go about meeting new people again. After a period of not meeting anyone and just at the point where I was considering going home I met a German guy and got chatting to him for an hour or two. Then I bought a really drunk Swedish girl water who was covered in sand and them amusingly she started snogging her female friend/whatever who came over. After that I was dancing around for a while and then asked a girl for a light, who was dancing on one of the tables and she pulled me up onto the table instead and I ended up joining their group - it was another massive group of women!

The night became really good after that. The girls were all really nice and at one point we were all sat around in the sand having a massive sand fight with each other! It was great fun but not very sensible as the sand went everywhere. It turned out that the girls were staying at Coral Bungalows as well and so we all walked home together! On the way though we passed by a small art shop in Haad Rin (it was about 6am by this point) and noticed a Thai guy playing a guitar and singing to a Thai girl. All of the girls piled in and started singing along as well! It was highly amusing. We eventually got back to Coral Bungalows at about 7am and I was gutted to find out that I could not get a cooked breakfast until 8am as the kitchen was not open yet. It was definitely time for bed.

The following day I met the girls on the sunloungers by the pool and we got chatting for a while. Then Alira came over and explained about falling asleep the previous evening and then she hung around for a few beers while the group of girls from the previous night headed into town to do some shopping. Eventually she went off back to hers to get changed as well.

There was another pool party on that night (I think this was my 8th!) and I joined Emma and Lucie (two of the girls from the previous night) who were the first to arrive for a beer and a bucket. Soon most of the others turned up and I chatted for a while to Nicola, Emma (different Emma), Katie, Jo and Lauren as well. Alira then turned up but she was acting crazy and spent most of the time dancing crazily, to the point that most of the girls thought that she was on drugs (she wasnt apparently).

It was a good party but the only reason why it was good was because I was with the girls. By this point I had been to so many pool parties the novelity had properly worn off and this one was not great in comparison to the others - there were not many people and almost no-one was getting into the pool. After a while we started playing drinking games with some Dutch guys at the next table but eventually everyone started heading off to bed.

The following day, after hanging out with the girls all day on the sunloungers by the pool, it was time for another half moon party. Someone had bought some body paint so we all sat around Coral Bungalows painting ourselves up and soon had a good group together of the girls and some randoms from Coral. Things went a bit wrong initially when we got different taxis and then some people were really delayed (most of us didnt have mobile phones so it was hard to stay in contact) but eventually we all met up inside of the party and found a decent spot to perch.

It was a good night. For some reason the buckets tasted really bad but that was the only negative thing about the night. I hung around chatting to the girls for ages (the other people from Coral had generally gone their seperate ways) and bumped into Alira a couple of times who was off doing her own thing. The girls headed home at about 4.30am but I stayed out naturally and soon had bumped into one of the Dutch guys from the pool party, who was quite nice. Soon it was dawn again and I ended up heading off to the afterparty with the same Jamacian girl and German guy who I had gone to the last half moon afterparty with. It was another very late night.

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