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White Sands

Some more white sands

Our classy pad!

Byyyyyeeee byyyeeeeee

I don't shave for one day and look what happens!

It must be contageous

Slightly overexcited about the size of our bed!


You get the picture!

Nasa Vegas

We left for the ferry at about 9am this morning back to Bangkok.

Very sorry to leave Ko Chang (especially White Sands) but the adventure must go on!!

The journey was a long and drawn out one anyway, but then a man and his wife kicked up a fuss and refused to get off the bus as it had dropped them off in the wrong place. We all agreed with him until they offered to take him the rest of the way (1 mile) in another bus free of charge. Nope he still wasn't moving! Over an hour later we got moving again and at this point the man was just arguing with everyone inside the bus. We dropped them off literally 2 minutes down the road and then got on with the rest of the journey. I'm angry again just thinkiing about that fool!!!

Anyway we got to Bangkok at about 7pm and had to find our hotel.

It was quite abit further away from where we had stayed before but looked quite impressive from the outside - we are used to guesthouses, man!!!

We had something to eat in the restaurant there and then crashed quite early.

That fool on the bus had made it was a VERY long day.



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