Rod's Four Corners Tour of 2008 travel blog

Corner 4 Completed

It was raining later in the evening when I looked out the window of the motel. I was glad that I stopped for the evening instead of pushing on.

In the morning the sky was clearing and the roads were drying. I went downstairs for the continental breakfast and bulked up. I checked the weather channel and then packed up and hit the road. The forecast was for showers along the way.

The sky was clearing and it was warming as I headed north from Eugene. It was a beautiful morning. I could see large rain clouds looming ahead. The road led right to them. In a little while it was raining but only a few of the southbound cars had their wipers on so I braved it out and kept going. It only rained for a short while.

In a while I was in Portland rush hour traffic. As usual, it slowed to a crawl. The morning weather was very nice. Parts of Portland are very modern looking and there is a gondola running across the highway in to downtown.

A little further north, the weather toyed with me some more. The wipers were on high for the oncoming traffic so I stopped and covered the tank bag, zipped up and changed gloves.

That was a theme along the way. In the major cities of Eugene, Portland and Seattle, the weather was perfect. In between, it would rain on and off for several minutes at a time but mostly the sky was clear. Sometimes it was hard to spot which cloud the rain was falling from. It is surprising how far the rain can drift from a cloud to right where you are riding.

I made my best time ever riding through Seattle. I was hoping to stop and see my friend Hart for lunch but the clock was ticking and I was concerned about breaking down again. It was poor timing because Hart is often out of town and hard to reach. I hope we can connect soon.

Eventually, I reached Blaine, WA. I fuelled up and got a receipt at the designated gas station. Then I rode to the US Postal Station to get their phone number. I put all the information and the receipt together in the envelope. The postal clerk stamped the envelope and posted it. Corner 4 and the tour completed! Woo hoo!

I stopped at the duty free for a bottle of cognac and then entered the line-up for the border. The line was short and within a few minutes I was talking to the border guard. I tried to hand him my passport but he asked me to move forward to view my license plate. He entered that in the computer, then asked me some questions and said goodbye. No passport, no driver’s license, no helmet removal - just a license plate.

Traffic on the way home was nuts, as usual. The highway north from the border to Vancouver squeezed from 4 lanes into one to fit through the tunnel. That took forever. Then the traffic over the Knight Street bridge was very congested. How could I be so close to home and take so long to get there?

I got home just in time for Inge (our dog) to greet me. I unpacked the luggage and relaxed. Shortly after, everyone else came home and we had a very nice reunion.

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