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View from a 'view point' as we drove down to Bang Bao



and me blocking nearly the ENTIRE view!!!


Eating lunch at 15 Palms on the beach...

We are currently filing for a restraining order against Brian the snail...

Thor's Restaurant

Em waiting patiently for me and her food!!!



Is that pinapple thing annoying anyone else yet!?!?!

The camera was on timer, it was too low, and I have...



There was a powercut today on the whole of the island from 9am-5pm so just like in the good old days - we had to make our own entertainment!!

We went for some brecko on the beach but as there was no aircon or fans to cool you down (and also couldn't have our daily fruit shakes neither!) we didn't hang around in there and decided to go for a really long drive on the scooter to cool us down instead.

The roads are crazyly hilly around Ko Chang and the scooter only just made some of them (especially when the van in front of us conked out while going up one!) but we eventually made it all the way down to Bang Bao at the bottom of the island.

It's a harbour village and has loads of shops and restaurants along the pier. Quite pretty but we're glad we are staying on White Sands instead.

He headed on back to White Sands in the arvo and made it back to our warm room just in time for the lecky to come back on line.

This evening we drove just down the road to a place called Thor's Restaurant which Trish had recommendded to us. It was meant to have spectacular views if you get a nice sunset.

And by crikey did we!!!!

They view WAS spectacular and the sunset was beatiful, and so was the food and drinks!!!

Thor him/herself was a little bit 'kookey' but it was all good and an amazing place. We can't believe it isn't more advertised on the island and is hidden away behind a hotel.

Hopefully you can see from the photos what we are talking about....


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