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Corner Threee Completed

Adam in Hollywood

It was cool and cloudy when I went outside this morning. I was a little anxious about completing the next corner. The forecast for Southern California was for rain today.

I packed up and loaded the bike. I glanced at the bike’s drive chain and was surprised at how loose it was. It needed an immediate adjustment. I unpacked some of the luggage, removed the seat and toolkit and got to work. In a little while the chain was tightened and lubricated.

I punched in the location for corner three and moved on. In a while I could see Mexico to the south on the far hill and another huge Mexican flag waving there. I was close enough for the phone to send me a welcoming message from Mexico.

I rode on to San Ysidro. A short while later I was filling up the bike at the designated gas station. This was the first station that accepted cash only. I obtained the necessary documentation and posted the letter to the SCMA for verification. I am finally on the list of riders on the road but there has not been an update in several days.

The traffic from Sand Ysidro to Los Angeles was eventful. When leaving the sky was clearing and it was warming up. As I neared LA the clouds and the traffic thickened. Several times the traffic ground to a halt but it was mostly to satisfy the looky-loos who insisted on slowing down to have a look at a bunch of army vehicles or a stalled car being winched onto a truck. Once there was a spectacular accident in the southbound lanes and a few cars were overturned or on their sides. It took a long time to pass by that one.

Drivers here move very fast and most do 80 in a 65 MPH zone. I was concerned when a little rain started to fall. LA was expecting their first significant rainfall since May today. That could make for very slippery conditions. I had a few drops on my visor but none of the oncoming traffic had their wipers on. A while further that changed to almost everyone had their wipers on so I quickly found an exit and an overpass to change into my rain gear. It rained off and on all the way to LA but never very hard or for very long.

Aussie Karen led me up a very twisty climb in the Hollywood Hills, getting me close to Adam’s house and said I had arrived. It was not the correct address so I had to search about to find the right house. Some young boys yelled out, asking if I was looking for Adam. I said yes and they directed me to his house just up the road. There was a note on the steps saying to come on in, freshen up and then meet them up the street at a birthday party. I did just that.

I walked up the street and let myself in and met everyone. Adam introduced me to his wife and two daughters and the rest of the party. It was good to see Adam after so long. He and I have a terrible track record of meeting each other in Vancouver. Adam drove me around the hills a little to show me the sights and get a few pictures.

In the evening, we went to a BBQ dinner party at a neighbour’s house. I had not had a home cooked meal in quite a while so it was a real treat for me. The people were all very friendly and I felt welcome. Dessert was a homemade tiramisu, one of the best I have ever had. That is Keegan’s favourite dessert so I asked for the recipe. It is very old and written in French. It will be a good challenge for Keegan to decipher the hand writing and the instructions. I am sure it will taste wonderful. All too soon the sun went down the air got chilly. Everyone thanked me for bringing some rain and cool weather and we went back to Adam’s house.

I tried to connect to the Wi-Fi in the house but all the supplied security codes did not work. I had no desire to make another 3 hour tech support call, so just posted a quick update using Adam’s computer.

Adam and I stayed up for a while catching up on old times. He suggested going through Mojave and Mammoth on the way to Lake Tahoe and we looked at some routes. Adam is a location scout and knows lots of nooks and crannies worth exploring.

Tomorrow I will aim for Lake Tahoe.

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