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The ferry over to Ko Chang

Well thank you very much Ko Chang.

Em hangs about in the hammock on our Bungalow verander. She's going...

We got the bus over to Ko Chang which took about 6/7 hours.

It would have actually have been quite a pleasant trip if it wasn't for the driver and his mate intermitently playing there music for the bus at about 1,000 decibels. Now I like loud music but this was mental. And it was crap!

After a few altrications they ignore our threats and just played their music anyway!

We finally got to the Tree House Beach Huts at around 5-6pm.

They only had a couple of cheap huts left so we had a look....for about 2 seconds then politely declined!

We ended up just down the path at the Sunset Bungalows which was far nicer but still not ideal.

Our bungalow was right on 'the beach' though, it's just a shame the sand ran out about 100 yards or so before it so all we had were rocks!!!

We had a few drinks (and games of cards - Em won most of 'em!) in the Sunset bar and then wandered down to the Tree House bar as there was a DJ down there.

We had something to eat (A chicken chilli con carne I think!) and just hung out and listened to the music.

Em fell asleep in the hammock so I had to wake her to get her back to her proper bed. I think she would have prefered to sleep in the hammock at the bar to be honest!!!

From what we have seen of Ko Chang so far it seems really chilled out and friendly.


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